Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mordor-on-the-Potomac gets a Palantir. Really.

Palantir, the War on Terror's Secret Weapon

A Silicon Valley startup that collates threats has quietly become indispensable to the U.S. intelligence community


Anonymous said...

Interesting tech. As all tech is its agnostic but can be put to evil use. The big question will be how do we get access to a similar system or build our own? There are ways for us to do the same thing open source/ crowd source.


ParaPacem said...

Like the 'Person of Interest' TV show.

Dedicated_Dad said...

How is this different from the much-decried "TIA" garbage from a few years back?

Even MORE terrifying is that the CEO is an avowed marxist with a PHD from the Frankfurt school?

Also love how they quote an "Avowed Libertarian" who swears that this is a good thing (roll-eyes)

We need SERIOUS penalties for abuse BEFORE such things are implemented - if they are EVER allowed to be implemented at all!

Anonymous said...

Fitting name as the Palantirs in The Lord of the Rings were built with good intentions but taken over by wicked, evil overlords who used them for evil.

Anonymous said...

"Palantir has been used to find suspects in a case involving the murder of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent"


Anonymous said...

Shades of Orwellian "thought crimes" comes to mind. So does a feeling of nauseousness. Shire indeed. Fuck these people and their next "Promise"
Katherine Austin Fitts now has fodder for the next chapter of The Aristocracy of Stocks. Only hope she gets to use Palntir to expose how the gov really uses it...like, perhaps FBI/ATF/DOJ/DHS/State Dept-Gov Cartel/Mex Cartel deals and..yep..Weaponwalking/Drug deals world wide/ Political campaign donations via/Wallstreet Corporate "people"/Federal Judges-Private Prisons and how they are connected.

...yup, lotsa stuff there... can't wait. She opened my eyes the first time.

Anonymous said...

We are SKYNET.

Anonymous said...

I think that some people think the new TV series "Person of Interest" is pure fiction. Not so. There are more cameras out there than you can shake a stick at.

Anonymous said...

No, we are not SKYNET.

BUT, the systems created can be used for extreme evil and to subjugate one man to another, effectively creating slaves.

All that matters is who controls the creation and can you trust that they are interested in keeping you free? History should teach us that this is NEVER the case. It is ALWAYS turned to the advantage of the controller/s.

They will grind our bones to make their bread.

Anonymous said...

Seconding Grenadier 1 at 6:40 am.

Or, as John Robb's demonstrations in Brave New War show, some kind of monkey wrench will arise out of the new technology. In Lord of the Rings, Galdalf monkeywrenched the Palantir simply by putting it in a sack.

These Federals are so inept.

Anonymous said...

As a thought,
This system relies on government databases to mine its connections. So if those data bases were filled with false data then the connections would also be false.
Since we probably cant determine which databases are mined for this info we would need a broadbased approach to filling other systems with false data. Such as setting up PO boxes that are not used or making travel arrangements that we later cancel so forth.