Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"They attack us, because we are doing something right." Bob Wright's bright idea & the ambulance chaser's calculation: What's 50% of 300 million?

Bob Wright has a bright idea.

A Message To The SPLC From A Montana “Extremist”

I’ll be the first to admit, people who refuse to compromise their principles under any circumstances can be utterly terrifying. Defiance, in its purest form, requires fearlessness; a brand of fearlessness we have little experience of today. For many in our society, fearlessness in the face of immeasurable opposition is unthinkable, and (unjustly) considered a sign of “madness”, or of “extremism”. To go against the tides of a culture, a collective, and point out its crimes and inconsistencies, is so counter to what they have been conditioned to expect, any sign of dissent triggers in them feelings of confusion and fury.

The Liberty Movement, and all it’s more specific and specialized branches, represents a resurgence of the immovable ideal. We refuse to set aside the truth. We refuse to relinquish our freedoms. We refuse to be silent. We refuse to negotiate. Regardless of the consequences, and despite contrary impositions of so called “national security”, we simply will not go away. This kind of philosophy is a serious obstacle for any establishment system which seeks to maintain or even expand its base of power. If you cannot buy off a person, if you cannot co-opt a person, and if you cannot frighten him into compliance, then all that is left to do is to demonize his public character, lock him up, or kill him. Men of conscience force the agents of centralization to expose their inherent tyranny before they are ready for the citizenry to know who they really are. Frankly, the Liberty Movement is a considerable pain in the neck for those who would see the American dynamic distorted to the benefit of a select few.

We wear this distinction like a badge of honor. If we were not a threat to the globalist corporatist strategy, then they would not consistently go out of their way to attack us. They attack us, because we are doing something right.

You know, in the light of the PATCON documents related to SPLC, Bob Wright had a brilliant idea. I'm ashamed I didn't think of it myself. Bob and I have been slandered and libeled by the Southern Preposterous Lie Center since at least 1995. That doesn't make us special. Hell, hundreds, thousands, of people have. Some of us paid more than others, back then, this price of our convictions. Some of us lost jobs. Some lost wives. Our children were harassed at school. We were called names by people we thought were our friends. All because of what Professor Robert Churchill has called "The Narrative of 1995," the Brown Scare whipped up, principally, by SPLC -- and all for money.

It paid them well, this Narrative of 1995. "What do you think Morris Dees and SPLC are worth?" Bob asked me. I thought a bit. All the cash, company property, private property, accounts in the Grand Caymans, luxury homes, artwork, the "Crystal Palace" headquarters in Montgomery, the Dees Private Army's automatic weapons . . .

I figured between 200 and 300 million dollars.

Well, Bob asked, knowing what we know now about PATCON and SPLC, "why can't we find us a good ambulance chaser on contingency, SUE the sonsabitches and take every last cent?"

Now THAT is bright idea. A great idea.

And I know just the jury I want, too. I think that Morris would benefit most (or least, depending upon your POV) with a jury panel made up of Civil Rights foot soldiers from the 50s and 60s. They think that Morris is a "civil rights pimp" who piggybacked a fundraising operation off their misery. And just think of the dramatic value of SPLC attorneys striking jurors based on race . . . "SPLC seeks all white jury to hear libel case."

Oh, hell yeah.

I think Bob wants Morris' palatial digs to turn into a retirement home for old constitutional militiamen, with rockers on the porch, where old geezers can entertain young pups with stories about what it was like before the Doyle Proctor Foundation subsidized militia training for teenagers. "You mean, Grampa, that you had to buy your own blank ammunition? Gee. . ."

As for me, I want the Crystal Palace to turn it into a museum for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms & the Constitutional Militia ideal.

Oh, HELL yeah.

The discovery process on the court case would be worth $300 million in entertainment value alone.



Cederq said...

What about their old place across the street(where it all started) which burned... what would you want for that property?

Kevin Cederquist

Chuck Martel said...

Alabama has a two year statute of limitations. You'd better act fast before the statute runs.

Mt Top Patriot said...

That's Rich, very rich!
Out Alynski the sons of a bitches.
Right where it matters most, in their wallets.
Its always about money.

A team of pitbull ambulance chaser's on contingency. Deal in a contingency so lucrative the best of the sleaziest will be beating down your door.
Tie these dirt bags up for years. In the process, as contingent on the contingency, these ambulance chasers have to provide you with documented proof of the connections between all these traitors from the white house on down of the narrative of 1995 to today. Money, political, and agenda. These dirt bags go back decades. There has to be a paper trail a mile wide.
Proof of the same thing they use to falsely smear others of, conspiracy, extremism, racism.
The irony of it is delicious.
Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd give just about ANYTHING to see dees and his pack of fleas get their just deserts. Even better would be to melt their building down for scrap, and turn it into guns. Or hell, first a big swastika just to really really chap his ass, you know since we're all nazis in his bigoted eyes, then melt that down for guns, I'm ok with either. He and his sniveling ilk are some of the biggest pieces of shit walking the earth. Good luck getting anything done though, he's a snake and you'll be playing on his turf so to speak.

Happy D said...

So do it!
I have never been smeared by these low life's but I knew one person that was.
Don't talk sue.

Anonymous said...

according to the recent irs 990 filing, assets of $250M +