Saturday, November 26, 2011


. . . sending me money for the DC trip. I have more than enough. I have been in Ohio visiting my Mom for Thanksgiving, as well as other siblings who motored in for the event. I never post that I'm going out of town when there's nobody here to babysit the house, and although I have neighbors and friends checking it every so often, I just don't want to take the risk of broadcasting the fact to the world.

Anyway, after we got the car unloaded I ran down to the PO box, and true to FBI form, there was a bundle in there where there had been no mail for a week. And what a bundle. I was speechless for a while. Just . . . speechless.

Having recovered my voice, folks, you must stop sending me money for the DC trip. It is more than covered.


Thanks, and may God bless you and yours.


Semper Fi, 0321 said...

I have come to learn that the universe provides what is needed. So let it flow, and good on you. You deserve it.

Backwoods Engineer said...

Okay, I'll stop.

But only for a little while.

Who better to donate to(besides my church) than a fellow threeper? I'm sure not going to give any money to politicians this cycle. Like Ann Barnhardt said the other day (who admires you by the way): "It's like a pageant has broken out on the fantail of the Titanic amongst the oblivious at 2:00am on the 15th with the winner to be announced upon docking at the port of New York. That's what this election cycle is like."

You're a better bet, Mike, to save the Republic, anyway.

We got your back, man.

Jensko said...

Not only for the DC trip, but for whatever is needed. :)

Cederq said...

So, go out and have a well deserved beer on us, with the windfall!

Kevin Cederquist

millerized said...

Christ on a I wished I'd heard that from the ex.......

Glad to hear that when it does rain, it indeed pours. Enjoy the weather while it lasts.