Monday, November 21, 2011

I make the "Government Monopoly of Violence" advocates' "Insurrectionism Timeline" in three places. (Is that all? Note to self: Try harder.)

"Relax, Paul, just shake it out your pants' leg. You can wipe up later."

Featuring, in a recurring role, the terrifyingly evil and maniacal old fat villain with a cane from Alabama. (Did you know he writes "blood soaked novels," too?)

David is jealous.

(Insert maniacal laughter.)

It could be worse, CSGV could be facing The Haiku Menace.


TPaine said...

Re the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence piece: isn't it wonderful how this actually proves the way this country is going. Instead of pointing out a few "radical" news events, this guy has laid out the time-line of the resistance, for the past 3 years.

If there was any doubt we are pissed, this article wipes it out, in spades. I'd say they know we're coming for them.

Anonymous said...

Studies pretty much confirm that we see with our brain, not with our eyes. And our brain often sees what it wants or expects to see.

The first time I saw that photo of Dutchman6 with Paul Helmke, my brain and the way the photo is cropped turned the head of the cane into a Colt SAA and the little voices started screaming "Come on, Mike! Do it!" ;-)

Anonymous said...


I want to read it first!

MI-copperhead said...

Wow Mike, I'd have given you $50 to have punched the infamous Paul Helmke in the nose

Mt Top Patriot said...

Like TPaine said.

This agitprop would be hilarious but for the truth these people of the coalition to stop gun violence will end up a lot like Alexander Solzhenitsyn if obama and his fellow ilk have their way.

Careful what one wishes for.

If they get their way, they will have plenty of time to ponder the magnitude of how ignorant they where when they all had the information and the chance to keep the Liberty that allowed them to voice the hate for that same Liberty in the first instance.

And to think, one day in the not too distant future, I may have the honor of fighting with my life and everything I posses for that same Liberty that these traitors to Liberty will benefit from without risking a thing.
What a tangled web.

Da Curly Wolf said...

*shrug* I've been suggesting the mass hanging of pretty much politician and lawyer in DC for years. as a not so subtle reminder of just where the power lies.

Christian Patriot III said...

So, in what universe does one live where, after having read that time line, they sit back and say: "the country is headed in the right direction"?

Hi folks, Captain Obvious here... People are a might bit pist, eh? Here's something maybe you're coming around to realize: the gun's aren't the problem. The people seeking a monopoly against the citizens of the united states of firearm ownership are. That'd be you folks... well, mostly the folks you're willingly helping... but you, too. As the timeline so eloquently illustrates... guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens cause: 0 murders. Guns in the hands of nut-jobs, yep, pretty much goes bad all the time. So you tell me the problem is the guns? How about the nice disturbed folks that are allowed to walk without thorough prosecution? Wouldn't root-cause analysis and problem solving be better than trying to screw everyone?

Yeah... I probably went too deep for them there, Mike. Too many degrees of abstraction for those poor fearful folk. If anything, the timeline's inclusion of numerous deranged bits of "salt" to make it taste right illustrates one good reason to keep and bear. You can't police everyone all the time and if it's not a gun, it's a knife or a club... and if you're just a little creative, everything with enough density is pretty much a club. You'd hate to see what a motivated individual can do with a simple dinner plate.