Friday, November 18, 2011

That old "two wings of the same bird of prey" thing.

Are you paying attention, Tea Parties?


Ashrak said...

Sadly, what I feared the most happening to the TEA party is rearing its ugly head.

Far too many TEA Partiers are caught up in the idea that (R) is the solution to (D). Many have yet to figure out that (R) and (D) parties have replaced R&D (as in research and development) done by a Free People.

Political faction has paralyzed this country and stolen away prosperity, and Liberty, in doing so.

To be sure, there are still some defenders of the republic within the Republican Party, but they are a tiny minority and are easily "convinced" by the Party bosses once elected that they had better cool it or they will be "dealt with" next election cycle if they do not fall into rank and file line.

George Washington warned us all about political faction - and it is long past time we LISTEN!

AZVick said...

Thanks for posting this. The left lean of Politico makes it a little tricky to parse the story, but I get its drift.

Pretty disappointed in some of the names that appear on this list.

One missing name I would expect to see: Thaddeus McCotter, Livonia, Michigan's conservative, somewhat union-supporting rep.

Longbow said...

Hey, those are OUR unions now...

(big wide grin)

There! That'll fix 'em.

WarriorClass III said...

The problem I have noticed with the TEA party is that while they want smaller government, they still want their govmnt checks...

Hell most of them look like they are already on social security. And that is a problem. Their social security payments were taken from them their whole lives and they should get the checks when they retire, but they may not or they may be worthless when they do. Part of the solution would be taking back the so-called Federal Reserve and all the money and assets they have stolen from us for the last 100 years.

Nevertheless, we must get the general government back into its constitutional box.

Enumerated powers ONLY.

I too hope you are listening TEA partiers!


Bad Cyborg said...

Warrior Class wrote:
"Nevertheless, we must get the general government back into its constitutional box."

OK, and while you're at it you can unf**k a girl, get toothpaste back into its tube and force a genie back into its bottle.

Go back and watch the entire video on soft despotism - all 39 minutes - and then come back to us and tell us how you are going to get all the nominal adults who LIKE being told what they have to do to grow up and suddenly start acting like adults. Then you can tell us how a nation which has spent generations becoming ever more dependent upon federal handouts suddenly develops the skills to live as they did politically in the late 18th century.

Tell us how all this can happen without a whole shitload of suffering and death. Please. Because I see no way for it to happen without civil war.

Anonymous said...

Some are paying attention; some are fielding candidates (typically on the R ticket as indie ballot access rules can be a bitch; some are challenging entrenched craphead Rs in the '12 primaries).

Personally I'm R and will stay R with the intent of fixing R. I understand my chances are slim and none so my powder is dry and my eyes and ears are open.

Anonymous said...

"Labor insiders say there’s extra incentive to support their GOP friends this cycle as unions look to reward lawmakers who rebuff their leadership on key votes,.."

Representative Steve LaTourrette (who got $121k from the unions, according to this article) has recently disavowed his anti-tax pledge.

Now you know why.