Saturday, November 19, 2011

Praxis: The Rootkit Of All Evil – CIQ

More along the line of 'What's in your pocket?'


Anonymous said...

Technical validity aside (the volume of traffic generated if ALL the monitoring on ALL phones was turned on would be damn near crippling to the data channel) - am I the only one that hears this guy say "consumer rights" and instinctively reach for my gun?

I don't want your "rights" - I can smell them coming a mile away wrapped in some terrible (perhaps well-meaning) law.

rustynail said...

This is very disturbing! Read the linked article and then follow the link to the further investigation by TrevE. There are screen shots of the type of data being collected by those little devices many carry in their pockets.

I use a much older cell phone, but I wonder how much info is collected by it and recovered by my cell phone service without my knowledge or consent.

Finally, the level of indignation by the author of the linked article, egzthunder1, is so mild that I am concerned that many people are hardly outraged by this type of intrusion.

Anonymous said...

The threat is not realized by the public because no one will tell them. Those that should are part of the apparatus that brought it to us and keeps it there to watch us.

Remember the little chip deal that allowed us to control Baghdad's phone system? All you need do is carry that to it's logical conclusion, in your pocket. Software? How about firmware? Remember that they are in control of vast sums to cause this to happen if they so desire.

I wonder how many Cray computers it takes to real-time monitor all comms? And would they really do that? Well if they wouldn't, why have they constructed systems to allow them to do exactly that? To monitor the enemy?

And in their minds, who exactly are their enemies? Are we, the people of the country, considered to be their enemies?

That answer should be obvious by now, at least to us.

Percy Downtwinkle said...

First - do not think that there would be a glut of data because 'they' would try to follow every user of a smartphone. "They" do not try to tap every phone, read every email... of course not. Only those targeted for surveillance, those seen as hostile to the State. Remember, the Stasi did a bang-up job of surveilling thousands of citizens every day and night, without any of the modern tech. So Big Brother doesn't care of Ed Smith is sleeping with Pete Brown's wife every Tuesday, or if little Johnny is selling a few rocks of crack or a few ounces of wed at school. Government doesn't care.
The ones they WOULD want to shadow would be like those who are reading this blog. and good luck with that ;o)

Second = Rustynail - I am NOT an authority but I don't THINK that the older phones which are not set up for texting and not set up for internet connection, are of much use to the State spies. I could be wrong, but I think that the older ones which do nothing but make and receive calls, could be tapped or triangulated, but could NOT provide real-time data feeds iof where you went, who you saw, what you said, etc. If I am wrong, someone will post a correction.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line - if you are concerned about your location security/privacy, do not carry a cell phone, PDA, tablet.

Pretty easy, really.

Might be worth while to investigate jammers, too.