Friday, November 18, 2011

Praxis: Michael Yon on Pocket Spies.

What's in your pocket?


TPaine said...

I have a cheap T-mobile phone for emergency use only. I pay by the minute, usually adding $15 when I get low. No Facebook, no browsing, no GPS, no nothing. And if I lose it, I go to the Circe-K down the street and buy another one, for about $10.

Love these smart phones and i-Pads, but I'm just a 65-year-old guy who wants the capability of calling AAA or 9-1-1 from my truck. I am a former network engineer with 3 home computers, so I am NOT a techno-phobe. I just do all of my computer work from a keyboard at home.

MIcopperhead said...

One more reason to hate those damnable smart phones

Dedicated_Dad said...

Facebook is WORSE!

I'LL be writing this up soon - until then FB users should check out "" - it's 100% safe and worth the time, just follow its instructions and THINK!!

Bad Cyborg said...

{chortle} I don't HAVE a smart phone. The little phone I have has some web capability but I have everything turned off. All it is now is a PHONE.

Like TPaine, I am a former geek (tech not engineer) but just see no reason to have all that computing power going to waste in my pocket. Like him I also do all my computing work behind layers of firewall and IP spoofing.

Bad Cyborg said...

While everyone is at you ought to enable security if you have a wireless LAN at home. While I was setting up a laptop for my wife and enabling the wireless side of a new router I got, a scan for WANs in the area revealed over a dozen - IN RANGE OF MY LAPTOP - with only a couple having security turned on. And it isn't just about freeloaders sucking up your bandwidth. If your home network has file sharing and your wireless router doesn't have security activated then an outsider could get access to your files!