Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here's something interesting.

As near as I can determine this is the only thing official out on the Net at this time about the scary bad "Georgia Geriatric Terrorist Gang." It doesn't mention me or Absolved. The press conference where they uncork the indictment isn't until 2:30PM Eastern. So how did all these press schmucks get the lurid quotes about me and the novel to enable the Time-On-Target salvo?

I smell Fibbies.

The media is beating down my telephone door for an interview and so far I have refused until they tell me how they got the information. So far, they have refused to tell me.

They no telly, I no talkie.


Anonymous said...

flashback to Staples

Anonymous said...


They wouldn't be involved in setting you up would they???

Say it isn't so Mike!

Anonymous said...

They seem to be putting enough chaf in the air to get some Clinton appointed Federal Judge to allow snoop's to obtain all the e-mail address and ID's of posters and others who are working to expose Fast and Furious. They do what all the ATF,FBI,DEA,CIA guys who may be providing info to Issa etal.

I is a bit odd that hardly any one out of the Bush adm. is out defending themselves, could be they are in on this too.

Me I'm just an old washed up Laos/Cambodian border jumper what do I know and I'm to old and dumb to be a real problem for them.

Must be you other guys they are after.

Pat H. said...

I think it's fair to say that Thomas is an idiot. He should have smelled informant long ago.