Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sipsey Street Exclusive: Do the guys in the NRA weeniemobile know about this? More background on Grenadewalker and AUSA Emory Hurley.

Well, now, won't this be disconcerting to The Lairds of Fairfax?

Sources on the ground in Arizona report that Assistant United States Attorney in Phoenix Emory Hurley, the man at the center of both the Gunwalker and Grenadewalker fiascoes, is "a card-carrying NRA member who had NRA posters on the walls of his office." Further, one source reports, "He was known to, and seen by, ATF agents on surveillance at gun shows sitting behind the tables of FFL’s." (That's federally licensed gun dealers to the uninitiated.)

"Godfrey Daniel!" as W.C. Fields would say. Has anybody broken the news to Wayne LaPierre?

Our sources also provide some interesting details about "Grenadewalker."

(W)hen Kingery was arrested/detained at the POE (Port of Entry) Yuma, he was discovered after his vehicle was x-rayed and 114 grenade hulls were seen in his spare tire. The POE went into full lock down because they believed that they had found live hand grenades. A bomb squad did the approach and render safe.

Enter Emory Hurley:

When this information was relayed to Hurley with the argument that the inert hulls were being ‘smuggled’ into Mexico, that the technique displayed criminal intent and knowledge of illegal activity, and after Kingery confessed his intentions to make bombs for the cartels, Hurley insisted that it was not a prosecutable case. Newell and Gillett backed Hurley and Burke on this instead of supporting their field agents. Now the USAO is attempting to defame Forcelli.

Not just the Phoenix USAO, but the entire phalanx of the Justice Department's cover-up myrmidons.

Recall, boys and girls, that Hurley's excuse to NOT prosecute Kingery was that simple possession of grenade hulls at the border did not constitute probable cause, even after Kingery confessed to rearming them for the Mexican cartels. Nice touch about hiding them in a spare tire. That's where I always carry my collectible inert war souvenirs when I go to Mexico. Or not.

As for Hurley's principal antagonist in the Grenadewalker debacle, ATF whistleblower Peter Forcelli, one source who knows him reports:

Let me tell you something about Pete. He has a long standing track record of highest regard as a law enforcement officer. He didn’t wake up one morning and decide to become a shitty investigator and invent ways to not arrest criminals.

"Godfrey Daniel!"


Anonymous said...

Best application of myrmidons I have seen in years!

Anonymous said...

Besides the NRA thing - what in the sam hill is a US Attorney doing at gun shows under ATF scrutiny in the first place? IANAL, but this would compromise any case he later prosecuted, IMO.

Any defendant in any gun case remotely connected to Arizona gun shows should subpoena Hurley as a witness, just in case.

Matthew said...

Does the fact that Whitman and Oswald were "card-carrying former Marines" have any real relevence to their crimes?

Would you use it to take a gratutious poke at the Marines if you happened to be investigating said crimes?

Why on earth does it matter that the guy was an NRA member? Stick with the great job investigating, the irrelevent snide asides demean you.