Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Newsday editorial on Gunwalker. Amid a call for more investigation and "coming clean," they are still in the "botched sting" nonsense.

Shine a light on gun operation.

Of course there was no botched sting because there was no sting. The only thing "botched" about Gunwalker was that the operation got compromised by honest ATF agents. If that hadn't happened, it would still be going on and we would have increasingly more strident calls for more gun control scrolling past photos of stacks of Mexican bodies made with Gunwalker firearms.

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Anonymous said...

Being an ex-NY'er I will confirm that Newsday is a swarming den of leftist and 5th columnist vipers and liars. Trust nothing they print. Same same for News 12 on LI.
..as am matter o fact the WSJ is about the only halfway honest print media left there.