Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Issa on Fox. "It went all the way to the White House."


Ashrak said...

wasn't supposed to be, but appears to be?

Say what?

And there is that "make sure it never happens again" stuff. How about when it DID happen, Mr. Issa? How about justice served for THAT?

"Somebody did something stupid"?

Yeah, Obama voters did something very stupid. But where Gunwalker is concerned, it wasn't just stupid, it was, is and will continue to be, quite DEADLY.

I know it may be unpopular to say, and I know that Issa has done more than most regarding this Scandal, but Issa sure looks to me like he is among the "botched" crowd and that sentiment is evident, to me anyway, whenever he talks about this.

Slowplay slowplay slowplay, but hey, maybe it is just me being impatient. Maybe I am just too demanding, you know, that government corruption as obvious as this should be handled directly, openly and honestly in less than a YEAR!

Maybe it is cuz I live in Illinois, the land of the disarmed. I don't know. I just know that the foolishness gets more ridiculous every day.

Articles of Impeachment should have been filed already. But we don't even see the Speaker of the House using that bully pulpit, which is what it is FOR, to talk about GunWalker. Nope, shhhhhhhhhh, huh John Boehner?

pdxr13 said...

Issa is moving slowly, deliberately, gathering every shred of testimony and recollection or reference to meeting/memo. We have to remember when the investigation first started, that it was to find the truth of how an American Border Patrol Agent died, if it was necessary as part of his duty and how future deaths might be prevented while still allowing Agents to be effective in their work.

Some of this care in casting a fine net over and over, and carefully sifting and cross-referencing to results, will save the Agents and FFL dealers at the bottom of the food chain, who objected to criminals and enemies getting better arms. The cage must be complete and reenforced before inviting in the most dangerous occupant, with layers of fine entangling mesh, set in thick blast-proof concrete, and baited with the most delectable morsel: 4-more years of unlimited power and decades of residual effects after that.

Rep. Issa should take plenty of time to get it right, but not longer than about another year.

Anonymous said...

And there is that "make sure it never happens again" stuff. How about when it DID happen, Mr. Issa? How about justice served for THAT?--Ashrak

Look at the title that Issa holds: Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. He is conducting oversight hearings with a view to reforming "botched" procedures, i.e., oversight and reform. Do you want him to exceed his authority?!!

For "justice to be served" the Department of Justice must become involved, but for the DOJ to get involved Holder must first be removed from office.

This will not be achieved quickly or easily but as the investigation unfolds, I expect Holder to be sacrificed eventually so as to keep alive BHO's reelection chances.


Anonymous said...

Punch line of an old fable (you can look it up if you want the whole thing):

Frog (drowning): "Why did you do that?"

Scorpion (also drowning) "I'm a scorpion. It's my nature."

Rep. Issa is career politician. Although he is, for the present at least, on our side of the Gunwalker scandal, he is still a politician. He will do what politicians do. He's going to follow Gunwalker to it's (hopefully successful for him and us) conclusion. But he's going to time that conclusion as much as he's able for political gain. That's what career politicians do.

I would frankly be dissappointed in anyone here who doesn't understand that.

Ashrak said...

Solyndra - How long from blown whistle to a FBI raid, congressional hearings and label of "Scandal"?

As we see more U.N. like strongly worded letters about GunWalker.......

I notice nothing was said about Mr. Boehner...ummm....not saying boo....

DOJ is Executive Branch, the Legislative check does not depend upon the executive department acting - C'mon now.

You Betcha Issa is a career politician doing what career politicians do. Hence my hammering that slowplaying point.

Relentless snappishness on the web, in spite of a MSM unwilling to pick up the story is what got us this far. WE should stop now and -let Issa and grassley ( The Pigford two) handle it- and we should be nice about them slowplaying it to coincide with election time? We should stand down now in the face of the slowplaying - and witness another hearing as vague as what has already come down the pike?

Why have the folks who have put so much of themselves at risk to get this scandalous story this far if we are just to stand down now?

I profoundly and respectfully disagree with that strategy. Issa, Mr. go to Syria with Headscarved Nancy Pelosi when Bush did not send them, (Yeah that Issa) doesn't get a free pass any more than Barry himself does. Nether do the rest of the elected Republican Party members who aren't snapping about this GunWalker Scandal every day into every microphone they can find.

If they were doing so, media could not ignore it as they are.

Good folks died. More are going to continue to die. To use this as a campaign wedge is, well, to me, quite despicable. I am OK if I am alone in that sentiment, though I do not believe, even for a second, that I am.

I mean no disrespect, but some of the things folks say to me, and I speak not just about things written here, amount to the same thing that John Kerry said about our war fighting - that it must be "kinder and gentler".

Gee, as I write this, I just heard "Solyndra Scandal" on TV (FOX) again. 11:27 central. And how many talking heads say "GunWalker Scandal" in their arguments - after a YEAR? Oh yeah, that's where I started, huh? Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

DOJ is Executive Branch, the Legislative check does not depend upon the executive department acting - C'mon now.--Ashrak

The US Attorney General may be impeached and removed from office by Congress and his replacement must be confirmed by a vote of the Senate. USAG is an executive officer but he serves at the good pleasure of the elected branch of government.

Surely that is sufficient "check" for the purpose of establishing and maintaining accountability.


Bad Cyborg said...

Malthus wrote: "The US Attorney General may be impeached and removed from office by Congress"

And so they may. But to be removed from office, the person impeached by the House (impeachment is no more than an indictment) must first be TRIED by the full Senate - presided over by the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS - and FOUND GUILTY! If you truly believe that a Democrat-controlled Senate has the chance of a snowflake on the casing of a 25 mega-ton thermonuclear BOMB of convicting Holder then I have some GREAT bottom land for you. Cash only, please and in small, unmarked bills.