Friday, September 23, 2011

Interesting development. Lamar Smith bestirs himself at last. But to what end?

Judiciary Chairman Questions Dual Role of Acting ATF Chief.

The citizen disarmament lobby's old "permanent director" fiddle being played by a GOP bigwig. . . But to what purpose? When I see the whole letter, I'll post it here and then maybe we'll have a better idea.


Fielder George Dowding said...

Don't drink the water.

I was born in Chicago, South East Side. I learned late in life the water in Chicago rotted my teeth.

Anonymous said...

Any COMPETENT agency head - be he acting/interim/permanent - will perform his duties in a concientious and capable manner. THAT is the benchmark that should be used - NOT the duration of his tenure. This sounds like smoke and mirrors (aka deflection).
This does NOT give me a warm n fuzzy about Rep. Smith's desire to see that true justice is done regarding F&F/Calypso/Inidana.............