Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another country heard from . . .

SEIU drops mask, goes full commie.


Anonymous said...

O T:
I'm a beginner on studying the myths and memes used to keep sheeple in their place so they can be regularly sheared.

Once in a while, a new one becomes clear, like the insistence that any repeal of laws would cause "anarchy".

This BBC article makes a few things clear, like the manufacturing civil and inter communal conflict, to maker regime change appear a more dangerous and destructive process than it need be:


Whether the brains and money behind this is coming from other countries, in order to intimidate their sheeple, or whether it is a scorched earth policy by parts of the old regime, who knows?

However, had the Christian minority been armed citizens rather than dis-armed dhimmis, (under sharia, dhimmis are not even allowed to strike a moslem in self defence - the punishment is death) perhaps they would have been treated with more respect.

The accusation of imprisoning daughters who want to change their religion is a laughable projection, but there is some interesting food for thought in the article.

TPaine said...

Another "DUH!" moment! Drops mask? What mask? They don' need no steenkin' mask! Andy Stern hisself has said publicly that "Workers of the world unite!" is not just a slogan anymore.

See? We forgot, and this is that "glove in the face" moment, over and over again. Kinda like, "we're here...what are you gonna do about it?"


Anonymous said...

Such a target rich environment, wasted. . . .

At the least it would have been fun to see some TEA Partiers there in counter-protest. Now THAT'S a show I would have paid good money to see, maybe even participate in.
Pass the popcorn, please. . . .

B Woodman