Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Postman. Now there's a bright idea. Mr. Friendly Letter Carrier: Counter-terrorism Recon Soldier.

The Postal Service, everyone -- even the unions -- agrees, is going broke fast. Bankruptcy looms, while the unions continue to get expensive sweetheart contracts from an entity that must find a new business model or die.

And what bright idea might save Ben Franklin's metastasized mutation?

Fredric V. Rolando, president of the 275,000-member National Association of Letter Carriers, doesn't sound like he's interested in making major concessions. He argues the agency should be increasing rather than cutting its services. One of his ideas is to outfit postal trucks with sensors so mail carriers can thwart possible biological terrorist attacks. "They can work with Homeland Security to detect things that are in the air," Rolando says. The Homeland Security Dept. declined to comment.

Wasn't that already a bad Kevin Costner movie?


Ernest said...

Do you think when the postal carriers poop in your yard that it would set off the biological attack sensor?

Anonymous said...

Good thing ammo is always shipped UPS! LOL.