Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Irony that could choke a donkey." & "A document so potentially damaging that Chait may be faced with only 2 options: take the fall or start singing."

Mark Chait's new favorite website?

Over at Andrew Breitbart's BigPeace.com, WKTM 1400's Ben Barrack asks the question: "Did MSNBC Produce Project Gunrunner’s Smoking Gun?"

Imagine a scenario in which the media outlet most afflicted with Barack Obama Sycophancy Syndrome (BOSS) – the place Chris ‘thrill up my leg’ Matthews calls home – presented a ’smoking gun’ that could implicate the Obama White House in a cover-up akin to that of Watergate but with the added scarlet letter of murder. The notion of such a thing would be like Woodward and Bernstein ignoring Deep Throat. Impossible, right? Yes, unless it did so unintentionally.

It looks like that honor may just go to none other than Michael Isikoff who, in September of 2010, wrote about an ATF strategy that involved targeting gun dealers in the United States as a means to prevent weapons from ending up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Included in Isikoff’s article is a link to what Mike Vandergoegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars – who unearthed this amazing find – refers to as the “field manual” of the Project Gunrunner scandal that led to the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry last December. . .

I especially liked this paragraph:

When this “field manual” is viewed through the prism of the Gunwalker scandal, the verbiage in it could implicate not just the ATF or Eric Holder’s Justice Department but the White House itself. The “field manual” was ostensibly written by ATF Assistant Director for Field Operations, Mark Chait. It is a document so potentially damaging that Chait may be faced with only two options: take the fall or start singing.

Barrack calls it, "Irony that could choke a donkey."

Yes it is.

And yes it will.


Anonymous said...

Deeeet deet deet deet deeeeet deet deet .

And now...(flushing chickens).....time for the news .

Tonights top story Andy Traver's ATF bid... sidelined for a rising star in politics .

USCitizen said...

I'm sure I've said so before, but "Good work."

No one else has stayed with this story as tenaciously as Sipsey Street.

Keep up the posts.
Turn up the heat.