Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thaddeus Kosciuszko's Prayer.

Among the items I picked up at the NRA were three issues of Patriots of the American Revolution magazine. These weren't gimmes, I bought them for five bucks a pop for the quality of their production and interesting, well-written articles. Looking for something else, I just uncovered them for the first time since the convention.

In the January/February 2011 issue, an article entitled "The Prayers of Patriots" includes this prayer by Thaddeus Kosciuszko, written toward the end of that international freedom fighter's life.

Almighty God, who enlivens the world's millions with your spirit, Who has ordered me to live in this valley of tears for designs hidden from me, Grant that I may wend my way through it over roads pleasing to You; Let me do good; keep me from evil; restrain the unruly impulses of my impetuosity; Let me come to know your genuine truth unmarred by any human error. Bless, O God, my country, my relatives, my friends, my benefactors, my countrymen -- the whole human race.

And when my last hour comes, when my soul takes leave of my body, grant that I may stand before Your countenance in the dwelling of the blessed and comprehend the mystery of the world which today is beyond my comprehension. Do not send me to eternal perdition; but permit me to stand before Your countenance in the abode of the blessed. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.


The Polish-American Center also has this advice from Kosciuszko to a youth:

To do honor to your family and yourself and at my recommendation, you must reread what follows every day so that it will be engraved on your memory on which your well being will depend.

Rise at four in the summer and six in the winter. Your first thoughts must be directed towards the Supreme Being; worship Him for a few minutes. Set yourself to work with reflection and intelligence, either at your prescribed duty carried out in the most scrupulous manner, or perfect yourself in some science in which you should have true mastery. Avoid lying under any circumstances in your life, but always be frank and loyal and always tell the truth. Never be idle but be sober and frugal even hard on yourself while indulgent to others. Do not be vain nor an egotist. Before speaking or answering on something, reflect and consider well in order not to lose your point and say something stupid. Never fail to give due recognition under any circumstances to the person who is in charge of your well being. Anticipate his desires and his wishes. Pay close attention with proper humility. Look for an opportunity to be useful. As you are a foreigner in the country, redouble your concern and efforts to gain trust and preference over the natives legitimately by your merit and superior knowledge. If a secret is entrusted in you, keep it religiously; in all your actions you must be upright, sincere and open; no dissimulation in your speech, do not argue but seek the truth calmly and with modesty, be polite and considerate to everyone, agreeable and obliging in society, humane and helpful to the unfortunate according to your means. Read instructive books to embellish your mind and improve your spirit. Do not degrade yourself by making bad acquaintances, but rather those with high principles and reputation thus your conduct should be such that the whole world approves it and that wherever you may be it will be considered irreproachable.

T Kosciuszko


Anonymous said...

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

Anonymous said...

Humbling. I will memorize that prayer. Thanks Mike.

Christian Patriot III said...

Excellent. Printed and posted on the class room wall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Mike.

I know I've learned something from these prayers.