Thursday, May 12, 2011

NRA weeniemobile visits New Hampshire state house on another drive-by sell-out mission. Hard to teach an old flaccid weenie new tricks.

"Quick, Chris! Throw the Holy Hand Grenade of St. Sellout and let's scarper before the Fudds tip to what's going on!"


Chronic 2nd Amendment erectile dysfunction continues to plague the Lairds of Fairfax. Unable to get it up to anything resembling principle.

"But you said you were so studly!"


Colonel said...

Dutchman, we've recently survived another bungling attempt by NRA in Illinois, with the failure of our carry bill, HB 148. The NRA it seems, can't try hard enough to turn a God given right into a privilege.

Let's keep in mind, that constitutional carry doesn't put 200 bucks a head into the hands of NRA instructors for mandated classes,(they of course, helped write the bill),but also, the bogeyman of unfinished business makes for ENDLESS fundraising.

Live Free,

Anonymous said...

NRA is doing the same thing to us in Wisconsin. It looks like we will get ccw finally. But the wienie mobile people are doing backroom deals to keep out constitutional carry. Marc-Wi