Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fusion Synergy: The accidental insight that in a scandal, "fusion centers," like tracers, work both ways.

An old DC hand writes, in part:

Mike, that's some bang-up analysis you've done on the fusion centers, etc.; brilliant, actually, and it ought to frighten the Obama Administration by outing its internals, ratchet up the bounty on your nether regions, and alarm and excite the conservatives and liberals who share like views about Government getting too far afoul of Civil Liberties.

He is referring to the post from late last night "DOJ deflects blame down food chain. Bad news for designated patsies & for the rogue field office theory. Meet Compass, the key to Gunwalker intel."

I also got positive feedback from some retired intelligence community folks on that one as well as this one from this morning: "Hitting the silk. Another important State Department functionary bails out of the crashing Gunwalker plane? Hillary as Gunwalker zombie."

To the old hand, I replied: "Yeah, I had a 'blinding flash of the obvious.' In a scandal, fusion centers, like tracers, work both ways."

Although I'm certain they never planned it that way, for the techno-tyrants of the surveillance state only wanted omniscience in all things and at all levels, but if the Congresscritters ever get off their asses to put the Gunwalker conspirators under oath, everyone will discover that accidental insight as well.

Score another one for the immutable Law of Unintended Consequences.


Mark Matis said...

Your assumption is that "Law Enforcement" and the "Legal System" will allow something to be done with the Fusion Centers' data. My assumption is that has a snowball's chance in hell of occurring. Can you say "State Secrets"? I thought you could!

Anonymous said...

They can confabulate anything they want and erase anything they don't like or want reported. Except for leaks.

Anonymous said...

Once again you demonstrate superior critical thinking skills in your ability to sift through the chaff and locate a kernel of truth.

Wouldn't it be ironic if their security apparatus were used as the means of their own ruination?



Legal Alien said...

Dutchman - our very own III-per fusion center!!!!!!
Sifting, extracting, associating, collating, connecting the dots.
OK, I will concede and also add David Codrea to this esteemed III-per fusion center staff.