Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gunwalker Scandal makes it onto prime time TV, sort of, with a gun control bent of course.

My favorite comment reaction: "One of the season's worst episodes. The sting operation was ridiculous, and the ATF came across as nothing but buffoons."

And your problem with that, in the light of the Gunwalker Scandal, is what, exactly?


Anonymous said...

Have heard rumors that another border patrol agent was killed the past couple of weeks, and that this info has not been released yet.

Anonymous said...

re prior email. my husband works federal AZ.

Anonymous said...

If that is true, the numbers of US law enforcement deaths are now THREE. Two Border Patrol agents and one ICS Agent and lets not forget the countless number of Mexican citizens affected by ATF SAC William Newell and in ban of merry criminals in ATF HQ who let these guns walk into the hands of Mexican Cartel Members, assassins and other criminal elements.

bitter clinging texan said...

I noticed the reference too, and was going to e-mail mike or call into bob wrights radio show and tell him.
but looks like yall are on top of it
SVU is my favorite TV show. I think Detective Benson is beautiful(which is unusual because I generally dont dig caucasian women)

Anonymous said...

The SVU franchise has always been elitist "only ones".
I used to watch occasionally, but got so sick of the statist attitude I don't anymore.

B Woodman