Wednesday, May 25, 2011

David Codrea to new WH Internet propaganda czar: "Welcome to the party, pal!"

Open challenge to new White House propaganda czar: Let’s talk ‘Gunwalker'


Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

No surprises here. SOSDD.

Again I ask, anybodyknow where I can pick up a reasonable quality .223/5.56 machine for a reasonable price? Got the heavy arty (FNAR 7.62 NATO), want something lighter.

Gonna get MEAN folks. Gonna get mean.

Oh, and you bureaucrats peeking in here. I only want it to protect my homestead from bandits after the fertilizer impacts the wind machine. I have neither the desire nor the intent to take up arms against the Government.

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins

Anonymous said...

Get to be real good friends with your local class III dealer and buy lots of parts kits...