Friday, May 27, 2011

Do this. Spread it far and wide. Beat the firearm confiscationists with their own tactics.

From PT today:

Mike --

I'm sure you're aware of the ATF's long gun registry plans for the southwest border states. The OMB is seeking comments on the registry and so far we have gotten hosed on the anti:pro ratio by MAIG and their automated mailer by a 3:1 ratio.

Robert Farago at The Truth about Guns did a piece on this issue and how we're losing:

John Richardson of the blog No Lawyers Only Guns and Money and I were upset that we got one upped. So we worked together to fight fire with fire. I managed to figure out how to set up an automated email system of our own. It took some work but now we have it up and running on his blog. You simply fill out your name, email, city and state (optional), and there is a pre-filled note stating opposition to the plan. You hit submit, and the website sends the email to on your behalf with your name, email, and city and state if you provided it, along with the pre-filled note and any changes or additional comments you want.

The website I used to create the form mailer is They have all sorts of different forms for websites, if you want to check it out. It is free for up to 5 forms. You create the form and tell the form what to do with the submission, and then it spits out a html code you can copy and paste to any website.

We're trying to spread the word as quick and as wide as we can. If you wouldn't mind posting a link to . . . this is a simple way for our side to drum up support against this plan. Let me know if you have any questions about how the program works. . .

I've sent this email out to a couple of pro gun bloggers already. Hopefully we can get some action if we spread the word. The comment period closes May 31st.

I apologize if John has emailed you already. He is spreading the word as well. I am sending this email to as many pro gun bloggers I can get to.

Thanks and keep up your great blogging. The scandal along the border would have been buried and dead if it wasn't for you and David.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link. Done and done.

iceworm said...

I sent my comments.

Michael said...

Posted this link to MrLockandLoad's forum and user kentactic replied:

"send it..." "...hit"

Put a smile on my face.

Michael in Mississippi

TPaine said...

Sent my comments and posted the link on my site.

Anonymous said...


I thought this thing was D E A D??!!

They *NEVER* quit, do they!


You KNOW this whole thing is a charade, and a waste of time, right? I mean... They're going to do what they want, no matter HOW many e-mails they get!

Still, my conscience insists that I MUST play the game to its finish if it is to remain clear through the coming sickness, so I'll be doing everything within my power to spread the word!

WV="rubbl" - Q: "what's going to be left of our Republic by the time these Monsters are finished?
A: Rubbl(e)

Anonymous said...

I had to modify the suggested comment field:

I OPPOSE the Information collection action to register multiple sales of certain rifles with BATFE from the 04/29/2011 Federal Register:

It reminds me of Hitler's tactics leading to gun registration and confiscation following the annexation of Austria. We've got too much government spying and data collection on American citizens for no good reason.

Maybe this is all about providing "make work" to provide some justification for the existence of BATF, an agency that's proved it's too stupid to realize that sending guns into Mexico ON PURPOSE in violation of existing US law was going to help get some good people killed like that Border Patrol guy. Do the economy a favor - instead of looking for stuff for ATF to do, just dissolve the BATF and send these people out to get some real jobs like working at McDonalds.

Ahab said...

Just sent this piece to my circle, 50+ people, urging them to do the same and to use the link to help defeat the anti's. If enough people get to see the article it should make a difference.

PT said...

~2300 comments within the last 48 hours. Thanks for everyone's submissions.