Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"We’re not done but what we do know is that the decision for this was not made in Tucson or El Paso or anywhere else. It was made in Washington.”

Rick Amato over at Breitbart interviews Darrell Issa.


Anonymous said...


Here are a list of problems I see with this interview and Issa's general approach.

#1 Early on in the interview he refers to "the good men and women of the ATF".

This is an agency that has a history of bad tactics, wrongful policy and unlawful behavior. There is no police power authorized by the Constitution. They should not even exist!

#2 He questions "what went wrong".

For crying out loud! The entire concept was wrong. Who ever came up with this stupid idea should be chastised for the very thought.

#3 Three times during this interview Issa talks of "Mistakes that were made".

He sounds like Obama! Based on my reading this was no mistake. It was a calculated scheme to usurp the 2nd Amendment by back door wrangling and manipulation of numbers of guns crossing the border. It was a plan to use the anti-gun bias seen in the main-stream media reporting in order to gain public support for greater restrictions on gun owners and FFL's.

The plan backfired and came undone when a couple of Federal agents were killed by the guns allowed to walk. Was further complicated when whistle-blowers started coming forward due to their consciences eating at them.

#4 Issa is quick to show his support for the war on (some) drugs, which is frankly, at the root of the problem of gun smuggling, turf wars, mass murder and all the rest.

#5 He also reveals his support for "e-verify" which, as I understand it, is the National ID card these cretins have been pushing for years. An act that would further enslave us all and doubtful have any effect on the narco-gun-drug-human smuggling enterprise.

#6 He uses terms like "assault weapons" so common in the press but so wrong in the basic definition.

I hope he and Grassley continue to push this issue but I do not trust either of them nor do I have any respect for them.


Anonymous said...

Issa and Grassley don't appear to be serious in their mission.

For those that are seeking Impeachment. The House brings the articles of Impeachment. The Senate than has sole power to try the Impeachment. The Senate is controlled by the Dems so the Impeachment would go nowhere. It's sad when the party votes for the party and not the law but the Repubs would do the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Forget where I saw it, but somewhere in the last 2-3 days a post mentioned how the Indiana Supreme Court (as well as many others) are simply conforming principle to what has been practice for many years. Wish I could give the attribution.