Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dave Workman: Obama on border today; can he explain Holder’s ‘Gunrunner’ discrepancy?

Good question he'll never get asked.

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Bad Cyborg said...

I just saw the local (San Antonio, Tx) NBC affiliate's GUSHING piece on Obama's visit to Texas today. It was clear where their sentiments lie.

The only way Obama is going to be asked such questions is under oath - and possibly not even then!

He spoke in two places, Austin and El Paso. Austin is often called Silicon Gulch and is AT LEAST as far left as Kalifornia. In El Paso, illegals wade across the Rio Grande IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! I have seen it virtually every time I have passed through on the way to/from my son's place in New Mexico. Of course he got a warm response to his push for the "DREAM" act.

Face it, people, our republic is well and truly FUBAR. Ain't no saving it. Revolution isn't an "if" but a "when" now. And it isn't just 2A wackos like us saying it. Lot of people coming to that conclusion. The only way possible to avoid it MIGHT be if we elected someone like a Jack Ryan (of Clancey's books?) and I haven't seen any of that sort popping up. All the ones I've see were either RINOS or left-fielders like Ron Paul.


Bad Cyborg X