Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Sale: M-1 Carbine, magazines and ammunition

Have for sale as one lot the following items:

** National Postal Meter s/n 42761XX with Underwood barrel marked 3-44, Blue Sky, Arlington VA re-import in excellent condition. Pot-belly stock, typical arsenal rebuild mix-master of parts, with removable recoil check, Korean War pattern sling and oiler, ready to go up Pork Chop Hill again.

** Magazines, 30-round, USGI, split-back
Manufacturer Code SEY, Qty 6 (5 new, 1 used)
Manufacturer Code AI, Qty 4 (2 new, 2 used).

Total: Ten magazines, 30-round.

** Magazines, 15-round, USGI.
Manufacturer Code MN, Qty 3 (1 new, 2 used).
Manufacturer Code IS, Qty 6 (5 new, 1 used).
Manufacturer Code IU, Qty 3 (new).
Manufacturer Code U, Qty 1 (new).
Manufacturer Code UQ, Qty 2 (used).
Manufacturer Code IA, Qty 3 (used).
Manufacturer Code BW, Qty 2 (new).
Manufacturer Code RO, Qty 1 (used).
Manufacturer Code RC, Qty 1 (new).

Total: 22 magazines, 15 round.

** Ammunition, all (including civilian) packed in stripper clips and bandoleers.
USGI, predominantly Lake City Korean War production but also RA, WRA & WCC headstamps. Qty: 1,580 Rounds

S&B 400 Rounds

Total: 1,980 Rounds

Recap: Carbine, 32 magazines & almost two thousand rounds of combat-packed ammo.

Asking: $2,000.00.


Anonymous said...

Oh if ONLY I had the money...

hkgonra said...

This reminds me, any updates on the korean garand and carbines ?

Anonymous said...

My CFO say's I've blown my toy budget. And "when mama happy, everybody happy. When mama not happy, nobody happy!"

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh . . . I wish. I could pull out the plastic, but I'm trying to get OUT of debt, not deeper.
Get thee behind me, Satan!

B Woodman

Dakota said...

Keep me posted ... I am selling some stuff myself in a couple of weeks and I am interested.