Monday, May 30, 2011

"Weinergate" -- Forget Gunwalker, THIS is the kind of scandal the media LIVES for.

Schumer protege Anthony Weiner with his wife, Hillary protegee Huma Abedin.

Was it, or was it not, Weiner's wiener?

Congressman Weiner, a long-time protege of Charlie Schumer, is alleged to have sent a Washington state co-ed (self-described as a "progressive" and "humanitarian in the making") a picture of his underwear-clad but obviously tumescent wiener on Twitter.

Weiner claims it was a hack, the girl says she's never been to DC or New York to meet Weiner, but the media, unlike the Gunwalker scandal, is all over this. From the lefty Village Voice to the Washington Post and Associated Press to the London Daily Mail, the media is all atwitter about Weiner's wiener tweet. (Say that five times fast.)

I suppose that the Gunwalker scandal would be more popular with the press if it involved the ATF-sanctioned cross-border smuggling of powerful semi-automatic lithium battery-operated dildos to the notorious Mexican Spanish Fly cartels.


Beat And Release said...

My guess is, if the image showed "a pair of bulging boxer briefs" as reported, it probably wasn't a picture of Weiner's wiener. Just saying.

John Smith said...

That is a real pair of bow-wows... With parents that ugly picture how nasty their little schumerite children would be.. Nasty inside and out... If this ends their relationship it will save some kids from a lifetime of pain..

Anonymous said...

This never has been about truth Mike. It always has been about the acquisition, of power, through the lie primarily. Fortunately they haven't been able to shut everyone up yet but they're trying.

Problem is that they'd really rather do it without a civil war and revolution, if they can. If not, well as long as someone else does the dying, it's ok with them.

As long as they get to tell the story.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't be...Weiner has no wiener...just a little tickly nub his padrones diddle with once in a while.