Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sipsey Street who? World Net Daily "discovers" the Gunwalker Field Manual.

Remember this?

Gee whiz, Wally, I wonder where WND got this idea?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mike. They'll get around to attribution some day!

Anonymous said...

The participation of Larry Pratt and WND in exposing the culture of corruption within ATF/DOJ will prove to be helpful in furthering a Congressional investigation.

There is always the possibility that Congress can be persuaded to draft Articles of Impeachment if it can be demonstrated that a conspiracy to subvert the Second Amendment with the help of foreign agents (Mexico) was orchestrated by the White House.

For now, Mike and David will have to content themselves with the knowledge that they have done yeoman's service in helping exposing this scandal.

Thanks, guys!


Anonymous said...

That's not the first time Farah and WND have "discovered" some else's work and reported it as their own.

Pat H. said...

That's Joseph Farah for you, it's an ego thing your know.

Anonymous said...

What's the sincerest form of flattery again?

Anonymous said...

Disgusting to read that article when you and David were given no credit for your efforts, let alone any mention in the article.


J said...

Yeah - Farah does have a degree of hubris - I once sparred with the lad a bit over some of his rather egocentric and provincial views espoused as unassailable fact. Hoe does do some good work, but still... a bit of a dork, too.