Thursday, May 19, 2011

Richard Milhous Obama: A modest proposal for a cure-all to every Obama administration victim's problems -- The Gunwalker Scandal.

"I am not a Gunwalker crook!"

Michael Graham, writing in the Boston Herald proclaims "Obama, how Nixonian! Enemies list crowded, but room to grow." Graham writes that "Barack Obama is the Nixon the left always wanted."

Backers of Israel, including the vast majority of American evangelicals, are upset as can be about Obama's speech today insisting that Israel return to it's pre-1967 borders.

Businessmen, folks upset about American foreign policy kowtowing to the Muslims and the communists of the PRC, doctors, libertarians, home schoolers, firearm owners, you name it, there are a whole lot of folks who have been screwed one time or another in the short tenure of the Obama administration.

Are you a GOP partisan worried that your current crop of pygmy presidential aspirants isn't up to snuff? You don't have to worry about growing them, just cut Obama down to size with a scandal demonstrating the greatest abuse of federal power ever.

For all their Obama aches and pains I propose one prescription that will take the pain, and Obama, away -- successful prosecution of the Gunwalker Scandal criminals.

Even if Obama is not impeached -- and I don't believe he will be -- he will be so damaged that he either won't run for a second term or will lose in the primaries to any Democrat who can offer a ghost of a chance at maintaining the party's control of the White House. For power, and the successful maintenance of that power, is what unites the Democrat party's disparate coalition.

Here we have a president who, having made his own enemies' list, is busy adding to it every day. Graham is right. Obama is positively Nixonian. The only way to bring him down is also Nixonian -- the successful expose of a great scandal of his own making.

Gunwalker lies ready to hand. All his many, disparate enemies have to do is pick up the club and beat him out of politics with it.

Then you won't have Barack Obama to kick around anymore. But he won't trouble your sleep, your wallet or your liberty, either.


Diogenes said...

One scandal? I am not sure that it would be enough, seeing how this slimey bastard has managed to keep the MSM's in bed after every campaign promise has been obliterated.

Keep pluggin it but I am really starting to think that Gunwalker will go the annuls of history without seeing O'boy getting but a scratch, A boo-boo if you will, from it.

There are a myriad of other issues that are going to take off long before Gunwalker ever gets to a point of serious contention. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

And now the bambster is telling Israel to get ready to live within it's 1967 borders. That is a certain recipe for destruction. Give up the Golan Heights? Then all Israel haters can sit up on the Heights and lob rockets and missles in. There won't be a safe square foot left.

Obama is an asshat, he has no idea what he is doing. He's just looking for a legacy while playing right into the hands of our enemies.

Can we somehow impeach and remove this loser before he destroys us all??

Anonymous said...

I've got a feeling that there are a bunch of people, some of them, republican, that want this to go away really bad. That would be because they really agree with what has been done, or went along with it, and wish to disappear their finger prints from the forgoing.

They know that the 'democrats' (Marxists) will throw them under the bus if things get tight and let's face it, some of the republicans are "owned" by the 'democrats' (Marxists) because they have exposed themselves to compromising situations and probably criminal issues as well.

How many of them are in this situation, I don't know. I do know that the 'democrats' (Marxists), seem to have the ability to control the release of this type of information and the republicans don't, I give you the Edwards thing. It seems to revolve around acquiring control of key votes which just coincidentally always support Marxist legislation. Those who are 'acquired' are of course important to their agenda but also expendable when useful.

Mark Matis said...

Impeachment requires a House with principle. Seen any of that in "Weepy" lately? Removal requires a Senate with same. With the likes of McCain, Murkowskim Graham, Snow, Lugar, Collins, and the rest therein, they couldn't even get 30 votes to remove!