Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Praxis: More on GPS Tracking.

Wired: Battle Brews Over FBI’s Warrantless GPS Tracking.

Be sure and follow all the links, including Check Your Car for a GPS Tracker and Video: The Dissection of an FBI Bumper-Beeper.


Dennis308 said...

If you have Sirrus-XP or On-Star in your Car/Truck/SUV "They" can LOCATE you(they already know)in a second. As well as the Anti-Theft "Tracking" Systems. And this is besides the Licencss Plate Readers at the Boarders, Inter-sections with Cameras, and along some Interstate Hy-ways mostly near scales and at State Lines.Now add face reconition behavior reading in Airports,Train Stations and even a few(so far)Bus Stations.

Think Orson Wells, Big- Brother IS watching YOU.


Anonymous said...

I assume you know about Mayor Bloomberg's demand that the capability to take over all cell phone communications be given to the government. There's a link at the War on Guns blogspot.
I also assume I don't have to spell out the implications.