Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Republican fall guys

The ayatollahs will ride their nuclear pact with the Great Satan all the way to a nuclear arsenal and regional hegemony, repeating the cycles of brinksmanship, extortion, respite and brinksmanship that they learned from their North Korean teachers.


Anonymous said...

It's been hinted that Obama want's Iran to have nuclear weapons to provide a balance to a nuclear armed Israel. All in the interest of fairness. Our Arabic speaking "friends" in the area must be as thrilled as the Israelis at Obama's vision of the resultant peace in the middle east.

rexxhead said...

The Republicans -- should they decide to obstruct this -- fat chance, I know -- do have one very powerful club. What a pity they're too wimpy to actually use it.

We've been limping along for years with no real budget, just continuing resolutions that kick the can down the road. Okay, Republicans, do you want to actually SOLVE this problem or do you not?

To solve it, simply say "no more money -- for anything". No more money for the military (oh, God, not THAT!!!), no more money for Congressional salaries or Executive branch salaries or Judicial Branch salaries. That means no more FBI, no more CIA, no more NSA, no more USA PATRIOT Act, no more TSA, no more FAA, no more FDA, and the list goes on and on.

In the immortal words of Nancy Reagan, Just Say NO. And mean it. A real, honest-to-God shutdown with NO essential personnel that still have to show up and get paid.

No, of course they won't. What? Cut off their supply of power over entire industries via OSHA? Hell, no. Make airlines actually OWN the problem of air traffic control? Hell, no. They might never give it back! Make consumers pay attention to what their doctors are prescribing? Cripes! Are you nuts? Big Pharma would KILL us for making their customer base wake up!

But 'an insoluble problem'? No, not even close.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite Left Suddenly Gung-Ho For Constitution (After Allowing 7 Years Of Obama Dictatorship)

Anonymous said...

Obama and his ideology are playing with nuclear fire. I just pray he doesn't get us all killed before we can undo all his childish errors.

Anonymous said...

Bullbleep...All of it! Iran is not going to attack the United States and Obama and the dems and repubs both have no use for the Shia Iranians! As a Matter-Of-Fact, there probably isn't even a real Treaty with Iran.

This whole "Good Cop/Bad Cop" pretend argument over the Faux, Non-Existent nuclear Treaty with Iran, is all attempted Pre-Conditioning of the American public by both the dems and repubs, so when our own government hits us with a nuclear weapon or EMP Strike etc., the American People in theory at least, will more easily go along with the Martial Law and Firearms Confiscation and Enslavement that will accompany it! and Please don't forget, all of these Patriotic Nuclear Commanders and their Launch Officers who were Fired over the last several years under the guise of a "Cheating scandal". These officers were probably judged as not willing to launch on their own Country and were thus relieved of duty.

If anyone attacks our Country, it will be our own government and not Iran. The same government, that has labeled, "Christians, Liberty Lovers, Veterans, Those who criticize government and Second Amendment Supporters as potential terrorists" and who's every action: Obamacare,flooding the Nation with illegals,Gun Control,TPP Treaty, Gay Marriage, Wars designed to have no end,Militarizing the Police,Abortion etc., are all designed to undermine and destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America from the inside!

Anonymous said...

If the Iranians want a nuke, why wouldn't they just buy one from Pakistan or China?

I'd worry more about DC getting us in a nuclear showdown with Russia and China, rather than the persians

Josh said...

I have a feeling that as far as the nuclear aspects of the deal between 0bama and Iran goes, why should Iran bother to make nukes when they can buy them from Russia, China, Pakistan? Whoever has one to sell. Or maybe they were given some as long as they do their masters dirty work?