Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fourth Turning: Crisis Of Trust

I’m beginning to believe the nation will not be unified behind a common cause when the coming financial eruption unleashes molten lava of chaos, punishing economic distress, civil strife, class warfare, race wars, and ultimately global war. As Strauss and Howe foretold, the establishment (aka corporate fascist military industrial surveillance state) has seen a sequential loss of popular trust as their blatant corruption, sociopathic stranglehold on the levers of power, and unrelenting greed have angered the critical thinking aware citizens of this country. The next leg down in this Greater Depression will sever the remaining trust, disintegrating any remaining support for the existing civic order. What comes next will be heavily dependent upon whether the 5% to 10% of liberty minded believers in the Constitution are able to gain the trust of the masses. The odds will be long, but no longer than they were during that bitter winter at Valley Forge in 1777-1778.


tayronachan said...

Great article from Jim Quinn. His whole series of Fourth Turning articles are good reading.

Doing some math, from the American Revolutionary War it is about 86 years to the Civil War, then another 78 to 80 years to the Great Depression/WWII. Today it seems to me we are at about year 74 into this "cycle", and the whole world seems to be catching on fire. We certainly didn't help matters in some parts of the world.

But what is our poison going to be? Civil War II? Counter-Revolution, because imho our gov has been taken over by Socialist "busy bodies", crony capitalists and special interests. Or WWIII where no hole will be deep enough to hide in. Or a combination of all the above?

Thanks to Mike V., Jim Quinn and many, many others for shining a light on what's coming. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

So...getting this party started sooner rather than later may not be such a bad idea, Huh!

Backwoods Engineer said...

The morons commenting at ZH have not even read the book, and obviously don't get it.

tayronachan said...

@Anon 5:15 PM, Yup, seems resonable that if something is going to go "pop", better to have that happen sooner when the forces and tensions are not banjo string tight, rather than later.

oughtsix said...

"The morons commenting at ZH..."

No kidding. It's just a big snark fest for the most part, a contest of "wit" to see who is the most clever, iconoclastic, cynical, sardonic anarchist Of All Time!!11!!!

Short attention spans, lacking real education and Critical Thinking Deficit Disorder
(CTDD) are the order of the day in comments all over the interwebs. Coupled with narrow ideological biases (derived from exclusive reliance upon The One Theory which catalyzed their original "awakening"), the endless and fruitless shouting match of spoiled brats vying for attention is fruitless and discouraging.

Happily, I see far less of that here than in many another forum.

That's what intellectually honest leadership does for you.

Thanks, Mike.