Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sent by a good friend, and received with much appreciation.


Shall we remember, friend of the morning,
dusk of the twilight and rose of the dawn?
Laughing we fared in our youthfulness, scorning --
mornings as golden shall lift when we're gone.

Oceans are eld and the mountains are hoary,
ancient forgetfulness leaves them apart.
We shall remember our youth and the glory
we breathed when our race was just at its start.

Soon shall we fade as the twilight's red splendor,
fades to the misting of magical dusk.
Soon to the eons our souls shall surrender,
ghosts dim at twilight, a faint breath of musk.

We shall remember, our ghosts shall remember
sunsets of glory and the pale rose of dawn.
We shall remember, our ghosts shall remember
ages and ages long after we're gone.

---Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936)


Anonymous said...

Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, Hyboria, Kull the Conquerer- - - all still live.

B Woodman

KenTheWonderGeek said...

Ah, Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan, Soloman Kane, and King Kull. And a pretty damn good poet. By the way, he was a proud Texan and unrepentant Southerner.

Anonymous said...

Howard's magnificent imagination lives on, much as Frazetta's art... for such a brief life, he was able to leave a legacy to the warrior spirit that is sadly being destroyed by the metro sexual, liberal batshit crazy pseudomen of today.... sad, that. Grandpa sends

KenTheWonderGeek said...

A little off topic, but REH didn't create Rod Sonja. He created Red Sonya, who was a swordswoman who appeared in a middle ages adventure story. She was partnered with a Conanesque character of REH's named von Kalmbach I believe. In the story von Kalmbach was the hero, but Sonya was much more interesting. Red Sonja was patterned on Sonya by Roy Thomas in the Marvel comic book version of Conan. Sorry, but I had to live up to my "Wonder Geek" title. Now I am going to go re-re-re-re-read "Pigeons from Hell", the short story of REH's that Steven King called perfect.