Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Can't happen too soon to the traitorous dog, as far as I'm concerned.

Boehner's future as speaker in doubt


Anonymous said...

i been hearing this sort of thing for almost as long as "Obama's gonna get impeached". I believe it when I sees it..

Anonymous said...

Life will be a happy hour all day long now, don't ya know!

Uncle Elmo said...

Promises, promises. Sigh.

As far as I am concerned, the only reason Politico would run an article like this would be to stir up support to fight an effort to oust Boehner.

Politico + Boehner + Democrat Party = Status Quo.

Sedition said...

May he choke on his own Boehner.

Anonymous said...

Politico is so full of shit! Planned parenthood is sure to get "ITS" money? it's money???? Talk about false premise! And then "because the president disagrees with him"? So WHAT if a president disagrees? A president isn't a king and a president doesn't get to hold the entire government hostage to his pet murderous project. The HOUSE controls the money, period. All the house has to do to deny planned parenthood is vote on various funding absent it. What is Obama gonna do? Veto bill after bill funding everything from his cabinet alphabets to the military because there is no abortion money? Puuuuhhhhlease.

As for the Silent speaker himself, well he made a promise to voters- that ALL bills would have to have a Citation of Constitutional Authority in order to be filed with the house Clerk. So JOHN, what happened to THAT, huh? Yeah, that is exactly why he has to be ousted! Maybe he forgot that pledge, but voters giving him the majority haven't.

Anonymous said...

I'd hope that sometime in the not too distant future, we will find out what the current regime has on this prick. It's obvious that between himself and the spineless McConnel, that that were probably caught with Denny Hastart disease or similar. Personally, I think Mitch likes little boys, and Boner likes little girls, but who knows? (NSA, FBI, CIA ect, ect, knows)

rexxhead said...

Here's the essential problem for Republicans: they think the size of government is just right or maybe a tad too small.

Yes, they can leave out funding for PP but if Obama vetoes the budget he has to veto ALL of the budget, and then government gets reallyreally small. They can't handle that. They won't play 'chicken' (the other name for 'shutdown'). So they'll buckle.

Ah, principles! The GOP has no trouble casting them aide when the need arises.

Anonymous said...

Don't cry for Boehner, America. He can handle that pretty well on his own.

Anonymous said...

How many times have we heard this? Don't let me down again :(

Anonymous said...

We are going to STOP Obama Care?

We are going to pass the Key Stone Pipe Line bill?

We are going to STOP Obama's illegal immigration order? (A federal judge stopped it)

We are going STOP the Iran Deal?

Don't let the door hit you in your AZZ on the way out loser!
The most incompetent leadership in the history of our nation!