Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On the subject of being blackmailed by a meddling "First Lady."

Food giants call truce with Michelle Obama


Uncle Elmo said...

I'll have to use my imagination regarding this article. I'm not going to click on the link.
About the only things that aggravate me as much as our Statist-in Chief are Flotus Fatass and anything written on Politico.

BTW, regarding school lunches- I read lately that 55% of Moochele's unhappy meals are ending up in the garbage can.
Doesn't she care about starving children???

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't touch any of the products of the food companies listed with a ten foot pole. You can do anything you want to them and they are still processed foods with tons of chemical additives and GMO ingredients. Salt isn't the problem - chemicals are. At 58, if I ate this stuff I'd probably be visiting the doctor regularly, be on tons of pills and still feel sick as a dog. Thankfully I grow veggies through the warmer weather and eat organic and grass-fed meats the rest of the year. Never see a doctor ( not that he'd be much help for a nutrition-starved body) and usually feel strong as an ox. Still use the old-fashion scythe for cutting hay that I mulch the gardens with and split all the wood needed for winter. Sweating is still one of the best was to excrete toxins from the body. There's a direct correlation between the gut and brain function. GMO's that produce their own pesticides work by destroying the insects gut to kill it. Probably the reason Crone's disease is now so prevalent. One things for sure, it's part of "dumbing us down". Stop eating that stuff and get your body pumped full of vitamins, minerals and pure (non-fluoridated) water and watch the mental clarity return, not to mention the feeling of physical well-being....When I see Mr. Michelle Obama demand organic food in the schools and an end to I.Q. destroying fluoride in the water then I'll say he's on the right track. Until then this game being played with the school kids food is just more slight-of-hand nonsense to look like something good is being done while actually making things worse.

Anonymous said...

School "lunches" have become a huge taxpayer teet. People should take note - a great many schools have literally threatened children with punishment if they dare take pictures of the food they are serving kids.

Almost a decade ago my kids started bringing their own lunches to school to avoid the nasty garbage served there. That sentiment has spread in their school to where almost half bring their own food.

Question - why does a first lady have any power to be making a truce with in the first place? She isn't elected, she isn't appointed and congress shouldn't be spending any of our money toward first lady pet projects in the first place.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I admit, I couldn't help cringing when I read that they could reduce sodium, but they'd do it by using potassium chloride instead of's is a serious drug with significant contraindications for use.