Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lot of that Blue Falcon stuff going around. Kerodin supporters as "a motley covey of Blue Falcons . . . missing half their feathers and resentful that people were now noticing their nudity."

Blue Falcon: A socially acceptable reference to the acronym 'bf', also known as 'buddy fuck'; referring to an action that leads to 'fucking over' your 'buddy'. Common in military parlance. See also "bf." As in: "Our LT-CMD took point, led us through a mine field and almost blue falconed the entire platoon." -- Urban Dictionary.
In one of those odd synchronicities that happen from time to time, I received a comment from a reader talking about the actions of a couple of folks still unaccountably loyal to Kerodin in the current contretemps. (For the latest see: "A look behind the scenes of III Arms – Jim Miller’s side," and It Doesn’t Have to be the End.)
The commenter referred to Hyman/Kerodin's loyal holdouts as "a motley covey of Blue Falcons" . . . (who were) "missing half their feathers and resentful that people were now noticing their nudity." "Blue Falcons." I'd never heard the term. Now, "bf" I'd heard, short for "buddyf-cker." But "Blue Falcon?" Nope. I guess I should have, given that I've been around military veterans pretty much all my life and had a son in the active Army for 14 years and I'd done more than my share of reading military history and fiction, but I'd never heard it. Rather embarrassing to admit, but true. And in that odd synchronicity I mentioned, in the same email batch came a link to this: "7 Signs You're A Blue Falcon."


Anonymous said...

Allow me to point you in a direction to be educated and enlightened -->
From Ranger Up (damned fine military based clothing and gear), I proudly present to you, The Damn Few (, a series of animated videos of military humor. Somewhere in there are some examples of Blue Falconry.

Download this site to your laptop for entertainment (NSFW, preachers, prudes, little children, and blue-haired old ladies) when you're in a place where there's nothing else to do but laugh out loud at rude, crude, not-socially-accepted humor.

B Woodman
(SSG (Ret), US Army)

Anonymous said...


The "Blue Falcon", while a serious topic... it has a humorous side. A guy I worked with just before I retired clued me in to the cartoon series "The Damn Few". It is sidesplittingly funny- mostly for the truths therein.

An episode eponymously titled "Blue Falcon" illustrates the point:

Even funnier is that the guy who clued me in is a straight shooting Baptist from West-Central North Carolina. I have no commercial or personal connections to the producers/creators of "The Damn Few" cartoon series. He also started me on "Archer", but that is another story. I repaid him by introducing him to the concept and recognition of "kafkatrapping"

As you spend your time getting probed by a latter day Asclepius or Galen, may these offer some distraction from your concerns and discomforts. Heal well.

Chiu ChunLing said...

One essential aspect of a true Blue Falcon is that the injury (and insult) to his fellows is both intentional and self-interested (this does not always mean it actually works out to his own benefit, just that it was intended to). Thus leading one's unit into a minefield, while a notable display of (possibly understandable) incompetence, is not bfing.

In my day, the term "Blue Falcon" was not in use, instead we referred to "Jody"[sp?] (derivation completely unknown to me, internet says it references a character in WWII era blues lyrics). Ol' Joe D significantly predated "Clinton's Army" (i.e. Don't Ask Don't Tell), which is probably about when bf's became a widespread military meme due to the widespread awareness of that policy change.

Anonymous said...

Kafkatrap. What a beautiful gem. How could it be I am hearing about this for the first time?

Also, Jody in modern parlance is a guy who keeps the bed warm with your girlfriend/wife while you are away for training or deployment. As in, "no worries, Jody will take care of your girl while you are gone."

Chiu ChunLing said...

Yeah, but when bf was new Jody got conflated with him a lot, Jody doing double duty as the euphemism for bf. Back before DADT it was generally presumed that your buddies wouldn't be enough of a dick to literally ream your ass, so I doubt bf was in general usage before then.

Anonymous said...

I recently retired from a large "public futility". Think Death Star ;-)

We had a saying that went back at least as far as the old pre-divestiture Bell System:

If you've got a buddy,
Tried and true,
F**k your buddy,
Before he f**cks you!

But the Blue Falcon mnemonic for "buddy f**cker" is one I hadn't heard till today.

Crustyrusty said...

*Way* back in my day, "Red Falcon" was the Wing King, "White Falcon" was the Group Commander, and "Blue Falcon" was the Squadron Commander. Our shift had a troop of questionable masculinity who was affectionately known as the "Pink Falcon", but that's another story...

Anonymous said...

I left active duty in 2002, I heard it all the time, and there were FLOCKS of Blue Falcons then who did nothing but look out for themselves, most with Officer rank on their uniforms....Glad Im not in the BF Army forces any more, the political purge that has happened has endangered a great many good men and women for the sake of Political Correctness and OBAMA WORSHIP..

Sign me, Neal Jensen