Friday, June 20, 2014

Wonder what brought him out from under his rock? Kerodin's latest "Three Percent" Con.

Was just forwarded the latest by several readers of the unrepentant ex-con extortionist's latest con: "III Percent Society." I guess the trademark shakedown of firearm manufacturers isn't going as well as planned. Stand by for multiple mouth frothings from the we-who-claim-to-be-but-ain't "kill 'em all let God sort 'em out" peanut gallery. Sez the unblushing Christian Hyman:
Remember we are starting a brand new organization so we can arrive at events like the Bundy Ranch, at the Habersham County flash-banged baby, and more to make the III position known, with boots on the ground. So if you can afford to donate more than $1,000 when you sign up, outstanding. Just remember the minimum for Lifetime is $1,000.
Such a deal. That's funny. I didn't see his narrow convicted felon ass at the Bundy's. As for "making the III position known" how would he know that? If it came up and bit him in the ass?


Anonymous said...

I can hear the waaaaaaaambulance from over here. And I am half way across the world from you at the moment.

A Hucksters gotta huckst, I suppose.

Jim Klein said...

"The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism." That means you do your thing, and every other person gets to do theirs. The whole underlying principle as to why we are where we are, is that everyone's so busy worrying about everyone else.

It's time for that to stop and you are doing a grave disservice IMO by continuing that meme. It's none of your business what Kerodin does, or anyone else...until they try to obstruct you from what you're doing.

The timing of this post is remarkably poor. Call 'em what you will, but organization is essential to "freedomistas," and the only way to separate the wheat from the chaffe is to let it all happen and let reality sort out the rational from the irrational. This is THE fundamental American principle.

It's no secret that you and Kerodin are no friends, but a lot of people are involved in this endeavor and you are slamming all of them will commentaries like this. That's the exact OPPOSITE of the goal, and I'd suggest you take the moral high ground and write about what you're FOR, rather than individuals that you're against...particularly when you bring in so many other individuals with the accusations.

And no, I have no involvement in this organization. I have no dog in your personal fight, but I'm intimately interested in what the hell happens to this country. You've done a ton of good in spreading the word of Liberty over Tyranny; you might want to consider that this is a piss-poor time to snatch defeat from victory.

Anonymous said...

The III WAS there! Not only Mike in person, but also boots on the ground by many others who have associated with those roman numerals long before K ever copied the symbolism. Yet, K was not there. It was perhaps the first real opportunity in decades to take a direct in-your-face armed stand against the feds and K was nowhere to be seen. It went on for weeks, but he never did show up.

What does it take to get there aside from personal travel expenses and free time? Apparently, K thinks it requires the creation of a brand new organization made up of lifetime members forking over $1000 each. It shouldn't be that hard, just pack up and go!

I don't believe K would have shown up at the Bundy Ranch, even if he gets several lifetime members to pay him $1000 each. First, he knows they would have turned him away for being a felon just like they did the Millers. It's nothing personal, but they simply would not have wanted to be associated with K because of his criminal record. Because felony convictions are permanent, he will never overcome that stigma. K can't seem to grasp that reality.

Even if the Bundy Ranch were willing to overlook his rap sheet the fact remains K cannot legally own, possess, transport, or use a firearm. What good would he have been if he had shown up without his own arms? Maybe KP duty, but I suspect K thinks he's too good for that.

Anonymous said...

M-O-N-E-Y money- money- money, and swear a loyalty oath to the new "leader"

cognitive dissonance said...

I discovered this grandiose farce just last night. I was captivated - to the tune of an hour of my life on the net - by not just the idiocy of the concept, but the piss poor execution.

Used to be, a good con man would work a church (or lead it!). At this late date, you can apparently work the patriots as well. This does not bode well for our side.

Just for fun, I may write a critique of Kerodin's Magic Bus. If I do, I'll submit it to Sipsey Street for publication.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ 1000 dollar "minimum".
Politicians like K expose themselves instantly when they seek MONEY as a term of participation, especially when it comes with a TITLE OF NOBILITY called "lifetime" member. I guess he doesn't realize that the NRA already runs just such a pathetic scam. Or wait, maybe he dies realize that and simply mimics it... which makes some sense as it fits a pattern. What pattern you ask? Well, leeching off the ideas of others trying to portend they are his own.

It's one thing to ask for donations and leave it at that. After all, beyond ideas almost everything does take money to put into action. However, it's another altogether to play the Title of Nobility game. Doing so shows, in a self evident way, that while one may say they are acting in defense of Constitution the actuality is that their actions speak louder than their words. For the truth is that their actions prove they disregard a central tenet of that very Framing document- and all in an attempt to enrich themselves.

Where I come from, those are called ill gotten gains. It's called outright dishonesty AND dishonor.

Kerodin is a run of the mill snake oil salesman, a tonic touter, a typical political hack, that exposes himself as the dishonest and dishonorable PUNK that he is and the best part of it is that his own chosen actions demonstrate it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Do it Cog. Then have the Tylers pick it up.
III already comes with a lifeteme membership.
-The Gooch

Anonymous said...

Klein - you started your lecture by telling us the problem is people worrying too much about what other people are doing. You then go on to lecture Mike about what he should and should not do. I'm sure you can see the irony there, right? Right.


Anonymous said...

Is Gun Kid his VP and/or Marketing Director?

CB said...

I clicked on the link and read it out of I feel back later. Gotta go scrub from head to toe.

Anonymous said...

For the low low price of $99.99 you can get a lifetime membership to the Secret Squirrel gun club.

Does he actually think he can stop a swat team in the middle of the night from throwing a grenade into a room of a drug dealers kid?

Unknown said...

It's none of your business what Kerodin does, or anyone else...until they try to obstruct you from what you're doing.

Scamming patriots of their money which could have otherwise gone towards something worthwhile sounds like a pretty big obstruction.

Besides, whatever happened to "love thy neighbour as thyself"?

Jim Klein said...

Of course I see the irony Anonymous, and even gave the reason for it---"I'm intimately interested in what the hell happens to this country."

I didn't call for prosecution and I didn't slander unnamed people by association, which I consider a wrongful act...meaning I think it's poor judgment, not anything which deserves any action by anyone else. You can tell by the words "grave disservice." Plus, I judge right and wrong by what serves the actor, not others. The clue to that would be the words, "moral high ground."

Was that really not clear to you? Did you have anything relevant? Have you concocted some new purpose for a blog, maybe?

Here's another clue. It's easy to defend the rights of those who think like you, not quite so easy when it comes to those who don't.

Anonymous said...

If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. -- thomas paine

if you look in arlington national cemetery, or in any of the countless other cemeteries, you'll see that the price of our lifetime membership to be a patriot, or a 3%er, has been paid in full a long time ago. it's our responsibility to do something with it.

Richard said...

"if you look in arlington national cemetery, or in any of the countless other cemeteries, you'll see that the price of our lifetime membership to be a patriot, or a 3%er, has been paid in full a long time ago. it's our responsibility to do something with it."

That's well said and just about says it all.

DAN III said...

Several years ago, before I learned the error of my ways, I sent Kerodin two (2) separate donations. These "donations" would ensure that I would receive the "III" patch that Kerodin was hawking at that time. I never received them. Well, I sort of received one when I met Kerodin at Mercer. He was wearing one on his jacket when I approached him to challenge the whereabouts of my promised "III" patches. He "graciously" pulled his very own, personal III patch off his jacket and gave it to me. So folks FWIW, let the buyer beware. But I won't make the same mistake a THIRD time.

Anonymous said...

Ive always enjoyed histoy especially our early American History. I had an ancestor whom was a 3% and its in my DNA. I had ancestors on BOTH sides of The War of Northern Aggression. From my earliest memories I was drawn to The Southern Cause,so once again its in my DNA to resist a tyrranical overreaching federal govt. I wonder what my "yankee" ancestors would think of their sacrifices NOW? Did they really fight so that barack obama could be president someday? Thats for another time.
My point is this, I dont need a "Lifetime membership" in ANY organization to tell me what I need to be doing. I don't broadcast alot of my actions, which Im sure most here will agree is wise. I preach and teach about whats coming when and whereever I feel I can. I understand that Im a simple man just like my ancestors. I want to live in peace and want to be left alone to enjoy the fruits of my labor IN PEACE. Right now thats being infringed upon. Right now Im getting ready and getting my family steeled for the scuffle thats coming. ONCE AGAIN My 3% Ancestory AND my Johnny Reb Blood are stirring deep within me,awakening some carnal, primitive animal thats bracing for the fight of its life. I DO NOT need a hat or patch or some Roman Numerals to show me the way.
You see none of us know how its all gonna go down. I Believe that when the dust clears and the blood is soaked into the soil again that NONE of the Former Rambos--or the Rambo-wanna be's are gonna be around. Victory will be won by the FORMER-teacher, nurse, cook,...whatever, but the Chest thumpers will be long gone. They will have been strutting their peacock combat gear III patches and squabbling over who has the biggest III and so forth and when the mess hits the fan most will drop those things .. along with their "Latest and GREATEST" triple pinkie promise secret decoder Assault Rifles and run faster than a scalded dog.
Ive rambled, my point is, WHO GIVES A F*#@K about The III? Save it for the REAL enemy. I agree that to sink that kinda of money in a pipe Dream and Fairy Dust wishes is stupid. PUT IT TO GOOD USE shoring up you and yours. Reach out gently and carefully and find like-minded folks. Prepare in secret, keep it stealthy and be one of the "Unknown" that the enemy is REALLY afraid of. They know about the III. They have them all locked in on Speed dial. However,They DO NOT know how many teachers, nurses, cooks and all the other "nobodys" are gonna stand up and come off the porch. THAT IS what keeps the regime up at night.
Anyway theres my rant take it for what its worth

Jim Klein said...

Hey, you know you're the only one in this whole thread to actually offer a fact, an experience? Everyone else, nothing but innuendo and slander of their fanciful thinking, all based on personality. Try not to hate yourself for doing something I can respect.

I don't know if the III Society is going to accomplish its goals, but at least it's real people really trying. Maybe if everyone followed that paradigm, things would get better and better until the Dragon of Tyranny is slayed.

Or maybe not; maybe it's a lost cause. I know this much---a bunch of anonymous posters yapping like schoolchildren about who they like and who they don't, ain't gonna do the trick. This is a time for focus and principle; both are severely lacking in this post and thread.

If they're doing it wrong, then the rational response is to do it right.

CB said...

Excellent comment tensmiths.

Jim Klein said...

Great rant, Patrick; spot on. "I want to live in peace and want to be left alone to enjoy the fruits of my labor IN PEACE." End of story. Everything else is a distraction.

Anonymous said...

uh huh .... thousand bucks .... what a deal ! . Guess they'll need that for the desert tan paint job they want on the school bus they're all going to ride to glory .

Anonymous said...

So what Jim is saying is that unless you have a Kerodin horror story or even simply done business with the snake, you do not have an opinion. Or something.

I see what you are doing there. Thanks but no thanks, Pal.