Friday, June 27, 2014

"I’m a Republican because our leaders win primaries with Democratic votes."

"Seems to me there are three basic choices: (1) Actively burn down the Republican Party, (2) Keep supporting the Republican Party, (3) Stay home." I'll take door #1. It is time to teach the GOP elites that fundamental lesson from Dune: "The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it." -- Paul-Muad'Dib to the Guild navigators, at his confrontation with the Emperor Shaddam IV.
LATER: See also -- Remember Mississippi! The maneuverings to keep Thad Cochran in the Senate will not soon be forgotten.
And -- Meet Mitzi Bickers: A scandal-plagued Democratic operative worked the black vote for Cochran


Anonymous said...

4. Vote Constitution Party.

Average Moke said...

One of Chris McDaniel's supporters caught this at farcebook: ****** *************** shared a link via WJTV News Channel 12.
24 June
Screw his jealous azz! I'm democrat. I voted in the democratic primary. I voted today as a democrat voting for republican Thad Cochran! If it was not possible me and many other democrats would have been turned around. #hemadornahhh #missmewithdabs

Anonymous said...

The GOP can do all the "soul searching" it wants.
It can KISS MY A§§; the GOP is DEAD to me.

I *might* vote Republican this November,
just to keep the House and try for the Senate while Obama is in office, BUT...
after that?!?

The GOP must DIE.
Third Party NOW.
Call it what you want: Tea Party, Freedom Party, whatever.

p.s. Oh yes, and for all those possible "you're enabling the Dems" and "let's unite" numnuts out there: YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE. Over and over, and YOU S*CK:

Yet NOW, you - like the Dems - call us racists, bigots AND WORSE, and then say "let's stick together"?!?

UP YOURS. Reap what you sow.

J. Travis said...

I have, of late, become very reluctant to vote.... but this kind of thing makes it clear that the GOP is my sworn enemy, which demands my vote, nonetheless.

No, they deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

I will vote, and I am starting to think that I may as well start voting for "Democrats".

The Democrats at least make it clear, every day, that they are my enemy.

The sooner the Republican party is destroyed, the better.

We don't have the option of voting for freedom vs collectivism, prosperity vs poverty. We are only choosing to move up the timetable of civil war, which has ALREADY been decided upon by the oligarchs.

Will we be younger, fitter, or more prepared 15years from now, as opposed to 2-3 years? Why wait?

No Ft Sumters? Hell, every day is Pearl Harbor as far as I'm concerned.

CzarChasmIII said...

Never watched "Dune," but I too, will take Door #1.

Anonymous said...

I propose a pithy motto to go along with it.



Jhn1 said...

The claimed platform of every State's Constitutional Party are pretty consistent with claimed Tea Party principles.

I do know that some Constitutional Party branches don't really support the claimed platform (MI CP was gay marriage and legalized drugs and the rest can go hang back in spring 2009) so it would not be as much a merger, and really a hostile takeover.

An operative Constitution Party could keep the Rethuglican Party afraid of voters jumping ship at least as much as the Green party herds the Democrat Party to the Left on anti-industrial/environmental/Luddite policies.

Anonymous said...

Burn the Republican party down. Don't vote for establishment Republicrats. It's a one party system right now. Vote third party. Screw the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

Votes for third parties get Democrats elected. Remember Ross Perot, for example. Votes for third parties like Libertarians or Constitution party take many more votes away from Republicans than Democrats. That's why those votes get Democrats elected. A vote for third party is just about the same as a vote for a Democrat. Keep on doing it and we will have another President Clinton.

- Old Greybeard

Paul X said...

Two good choices, burn it or go home.

Some day people will figure out that the idea of the republic is pure bullshit. The agenda of everyone in government is plunder and exercise of power, regardless of party. Wiser people understand this is a country under occupation.

Mark Philip Alger said...

I have a question to raise in a still, small voice.

If Nixon had contested Kennedy's stolen win in 1960, would we have had to endure the intervening 50+ years of Democrat dirty tricks and election fraud?

Being gentlemanly for the Good of the Republic has brought us to this pretty pass. Can we learn a lesson -- however late?