Monday, June 30, 2014

A note to the 100 Heads Life and Casualty Company.

Am safe on the ground in Colorado Springs, although I had another interesting occurrence with my computer this time. More tomorrow but right now I'm beat.


Anonymous said...

A little hard drive coping maybe?

Jhn1 said...

Some of the linux distributions are meant to be run from a CD (DVD?)and not your hard drive, usually the term "Live" is used.
It would be pretty simple for such a version to simply not mount your hard drive. Crank other security up and allow USB drives to be mounted, at user demand only (maybe use two different discs one allows USB drives other doesn't, neither allows hard drive mounting)
In the not too distant future the current Kickstarter project ICLOAK would possibly accomplish this with a USB boot device, if you trust that neither the Feds nor the Chinese were not able to get back doors installed in some stage of production/distribution.

I guess it boils down to your contacts, their capabilities, and your trust.

Anonymous said...

Tails works good. You don't even need a hard drive and it can boot from either a DVD or some sort of flash memory device. The typical installation even includes Open office.