Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Go west, old man. More speaking engagements, more opportunities to plot against the empire. Big Spring TX and Westcliffe CO.

This Saturday I will be speaking at the Open Carry Texas: Big Spring Meet & Greet in Big Spring TX. Rosey will be my driver/body guard for this one. On Independence Day I will travel to Westcliffe CO for the 2nd Amendment Rally and March sponsored by Southern Colorado Patriots Club. There may be other events in CO that I will be speaking at in days before or after the 4th, but those are a bit up in the air right now. The main thing is that it is time to bring the campaign against CO's Intolerable Act into the open in order to make the maximum amount of political trouble for the tyrant-wannabe Hickenlooper in honor of his re-election campaign. Just like Malloy in CT, we need to make the firearm rights issue (and their stupid hoplophobic actions after Newtown) front and center in both states.
I look forward to meeting and greeting with Three Percenters, Oath Keepers and other resistance activists in both west Texas and Colorado, so make your plans accordingly. As always, I need to shake the tin cup for resources to accomplish these tasks, and the PayPal button has been recently fixed to accommodate those who wish to donate. Of course PO Box 926, Pinson AL 35126 remains available to those of you who wish to donated anonymously.
PS: I am also looking for a speaking opportunity in upper New York state -- preferably some place with a Constitution-friendly sheriff -- for later on in July or perhaps August. If that fits with someone's meeting schedule, please give me an email response at your convenience.
"Well, it's a nice soft night so I think I'll go and join me comrades and talk a little treason." -- Michaleen Oge Flynn (Barry Fitzgerald) in The Quiet Man.


Anonymous said...

One of the better constitutional sheriffs in NY is Carpinelli in Lewis County. At an anti-Cuomo protest he actually moved barriers the state police set up to keep protesters away from Cuomo and his cronies,telling them it's his county and he had authority there. Lewis county is very far north in the Adirondacks, so if the north country is what you want, you'll certainly be there. Supposedly, sheriff Moss in Chemung county, (which is no where near as far north as Lewis Co.) calls himself a "constitutional sheriff", but after being on a conference call with him a few months ago he left something to be desired. Wherever you end up, i want to be there to say "hi".

JohninIA said...

Will be floating around CO. during that time as well. Hope to be able to shake your hand, and give my "subscription" and thanks to you personally, Mike.