Monday, June 16, 2014

'Progressive' gun rights foe announces plan to foment 'gun violence'

Mike Malloy, again.
At least we now have a pretty good idea as to why Malloy is so insistent on restrictive gun laws. Being so consumed himself by hate and rage, it's hardly surprising that he projects those qualities even onto the vast majority of gun owners who are not inclined to kill those with whom they disagree, and to therefore believe they should not be armed.


Anonymous said...

I've told people for years that this isn't ignorance or stupidity.

It is a PLAN.

Anonymous said...

So, who's going to report these terroristic threats (and plans to make false reports to law enforcement, incite riots, etc.) to the proper authorities?

If a patriot posts the wrong thing on Facebook (wasn't that a private post...?) he gets hauled off to the nervous hospital. This dude is _way_ over the line.

Remember David Gregory getting away with breaking the law on TV? This guy might get away with - or me might not. Either way, we win.