Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Judge acknowledges Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting

The intent here is not to antagonize hunters, or to be anything less than welcoming to their participation in the fight for gun rights. The point is that we are continually told that banning so-called "assault weapons," or .50 caliber rifles, or "high capacity" (gun ban jihadist-speak for "standard capacity") magazines is perfectly legitimate, because "no one needs those for hunting." Any restriction on guns, ammunition and accessories justified by their failure to meet the government's idea of "sporting purposes" is very clearly a violation of the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, as the court ruling in Pennsylvania helps illustrate.

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Anonymous said...

How DARE you think - you lowly serf- that you can take the King's game without paying the commanded price! You have no right to forage and hunt for food, ESPECIALLY on Sundays!

I call bullshit.

True enough, the right to keep and bear arms is rested in defense and it's not rooted in "hunting" as the loyalists have portrayed for decades BUT there is that defending ones life from that KILLER called HUNGER.


Personally, I'm taking this position. If a criminal actor threatens me my family or my kin, I will defend myself with any arms necessary regardless of the gubmints dictation. And if my family is hungry, I will take game, with arms, exactly the same way and for the same reason.

Politicos (lawyers) are skilled at false dichotomies. False choices. Right, the Second ain't about hunting BUT that does NOT then mean there is no right to hunt or to use arms to do so.

Ninth Amendment anyone.
With the realization that traditional gun control is indeed dead because of the individual right admission, that bastardized notion called "case law" must be revised to KEEP usurped control. That is what is going here and gun owners are falling for it hook line and sinker.

Their absolutely IS a self evident right to hunt, it just isn't enumerated as the Second Amendment (aside from well regulated meaning "prepared" in the sense if a full stomach....). The right to LIFE simply MUST include the ability to EAT! In order to eat, hunting is still necessary, especially in rural America.