Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Ohio Open Carriers Flaunt Guns, Sling Racial Slurs, Wind Up In Jail."

Winning hearts and minds.


Anonymous said...

When the left Liberals set off 20,000 explosive devices on University campuses to protest the Viet Nam war they had little in the way of public support . But they got everything they wanted.
Too much emphasis's is put on swaying the masses. I scratch my head on why gun owners beg to obey gun laws. They worry and fret from the latest Knumbnut edict . Those days are in the past , move on, it's a new country, adjust. Liberal love guns as long as they are pointed at conservatives.

Anonymous said...

is the "story headline" purposely meant to disparage law abiding gun owner activists?
from my context, the vid did NOT/ NO WAY portray citizens exercising Constitutional rights or highlighting an issue

what I saw was street thugs on gang patrol staking claim to their territory & intimidating the neighborhood. my money says they were most likely prohibited from legally owning a firearm anyway

HOWEVER... IF they in fact WERE legal owners, I certainly won't denounce them, because .. the ways of survival in the HOOD are NOT understandable NOR comfortable to most folks, including myself

Paul X said...

Either they are provocateurs, or they are idiots - two groups we have no shortage of in this country.

Johnny said...

Are these part of the group that you had your disagreement with? If, so, it's not surprising. Waiting to see the outcome, possibly they were following orders from our betters?

Anonymous said...

I don't think these kids really care about issues like "freedom, the constitution, right to bear arms or putting all Americans on the path of getting rid of a criminal Gov't". Just a dumbed-down bunch of video game playing "millennials" that would be doing more good for the opposition than for us

Anonymous said...

Yeah these guys were sent by the Koch Brothers they just came from a Tea Party meeting. Bullshit.

avordvet said...

Here is another example of 'sensationalism', these guys are not 'Open Carriers', yeah they are open carrying weapons but they are obviously NOT part of the Open Carry Movement as the title of the article eludes.

I've been to close to a hundred 'Open Carry' events around the country including Ft. Hunt and Gravelly Point, and during ALL of these rallies I have never witnessed someone doing this, so stop aiding the leftists with their propaganda.

On a side note: I'm glad even the punks are starting to flex [u]their[/u] Rights... They were not breaking the law by open carrying, and although you might not like it, they were also exercising their First Amendment Rights.

So stop adding to the leftist din by passing such crap along, Bearing arms and Sipsey Street should both be ashamed for even insinuating that these people are 'Open Carry'.