Friday, June 27, 2014

Is There A Penalty For Operating Gun Companies “Behind Enemy Lines?”

I hope so.

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Anonymous said...

Stag Arms could give two craps about citizens RKBA ... they worked with the state, begging them to say that one of their designs was PA13-3 OK .. instead of saying "to hell with PA13-3!" They tried to get an inferior gun to be approved and the democrats just let them keep on begging. Then issued a no comment. They should be developing new guns the surpass the capabilities of an AR or AK .. maybe they don't have the skills but making a better gun design than a AR or AK is not hard and one could be made to be outside PA13-3 ... and have a new company, a sister company produce it to be further outside PA13-3. But gun manufacturers have not moved in that direction because they are stupid. Keep on producing new designs outside of the scope of laws passed until the antis figure out that their efforts have backfired and further laws would also fail in their goals.