Friday, June 27, 2014

They wanted "gun control" and they got it. What's the big deal?

Relatives of criminal shot trying to hold up Waffle House demand 'gun control'

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Anonymous said...

By Dante's actions, he has automatically submitted his application for a Darwin Award. Tamika and the rest of Dante's family should be proud that their relative nominated himself for this international award, although there is no monetary prize.

Dante and an accomplice went with a weapon into a place of business to rob the business, and perhaps the customers (one can never tell).

The fact that he was stopped by a private citizen doing his civic duty does not entitle Dante's family to any type of enrichment. As Dante presumably violated several firearms laws during his demise, the smart thing would be for the family to speak out against thuggery, the need for families to be pro-active about removing weapons from thugs, and the benefits of honest labor.

Then they, like the rest of us, may enjoy a meal at a restaurant without fear of some malfeasant entering and disturbing the peace and safety the Constitution provides for.