Friday, June 27, 2014

My Colorado itinerary is beginning to take shape. Hope to see all you CO Threepers, Oath Keepers and Tea Party folks there.

I've had to adjust my itinerary in CO a bit and I will have a few more days than I thought for speakin', meetin' and greetin'. I'll be in the Colorado Springs area by Monday the 30th, and will be speaking to a meeting there on Wednesday the 2nd. Of course, I'll be at the Westcliffe July 4th parade on Friday and I'll be speaking to some other folks in Canon City on Saturday. Sunday and Monday are still open and I'll be leaving on Tuesday the 8th. If you want to see me at any of those events or to perhaps schedule your own, drop me an email as soon as possible.
LATER: Sheriffs Vow to Appeal Ruling Upholding Colorado Gun-Control Laws
"Yes, I know Vanderboegh is coming, but remain calm, all is well."


Anonymous said...


Don't neglect to reproduce yourself. Recruit smartly and start teaching/mentoring a few followers to take your place.

You can probably start by compiling a manual based on your writings to continue the III % and 4GW concepts. That; alone would probably being a loving gift as a guide for small unit leaders in the militia.

But write a chapter on recruiting. It is sorely needed.

Just my opinion.

TRex said...

I agree 100% with the comment above. In any worthwhile endeavor, we need to always be looking for someone to mentor. We are not immortal, and we cannot complete our mission alone.

A chapter on recruiting, and a very short (we tend to be a post literate society) manual on your primary concepts would be invaluable.