Saturday, June 28, 2014

Proposed cluster coitus on the border.

I note that the Oath Keepers are discussing what, if anything, to do about this: "This is a call to ACTION for all Militia, lll%er's, Oathkeepers, and Patriotic support personel." (sic)
I left this comment at the OK site:
I am not a member of Oath Keepers, although I certainly support your organization and your stated mission from afar. As the Bundy Ranch situation demonstrated, this is not my first rodeo. Among other things, I worked with Bob Wright and the Minutemen on the New Mexico border in October 2005, so I have a little experience at this particular subject.
As always, any proposed action involving the constitutional militia, the Three Percent and, in your case, Oath Keepers, ought to be subjected to some critical questions:
1. What is the threat to innocent lives? Where is it coming from?
2. What is the proper course of action to alleviate that threat?
3. WHO is proposing the action? What are their motives?
4. Do such people have the ability (and yes that includes experience, vision, discernment and command presence) to carry it out? (People who call for volunteers have a commander's DUTY to care for their people, not to risk them on stupidities, and to carry out the proper mission -- if it is proper -- in a way most likely of success of that mission.)
5. Finally, is the course of action consistent with the mission statement and principles of the organization/movement?
In the case of the Bundys the answers to the first two questions rightfully overrode concerns about 3 & 4 and thus the answer to 5 was obvious. The prospect of another Waco was the immediate danger and the overarching concern. The answers to 3 & 4 were not germane to what was the proper COA -- get out to the Bundys and support them by interposing the armed citizenry between them and the armed Feds who immediately threatened them. That is not to say that the answers to 3 & 4 did not assume importance later. They did. But now, in this instance, in the absence of an immediate deadly threat, it is proper to ask those questions up front.
My concerns:
The answer to Question 1 is that there is no immediate threat to innocent lives and while perhaps federally inspired and certainly a violation of law, it does not meet the test of immediate response.
As near as I can determine from the "strategic vision" announced by the organizers, the answer to Question 2 is also no.
In the absence of compelling answers to 1 & 2, the answers to 3 & 4 become more important and here I can find no one who can answer them satisfactorily as of this writing.
Thus, the overriding question -- # 5 -- becomes even more critical. Is the proposed COA consistent with the principles and mission statement of the organization or movement mission statement and principles? What is accomplished by a picket line of armed volunteers threatening to shoot unarmed, half-starved and thirsty children? I agree that the invasion is devilish in its conception, carried out by collectivists who could give a shit less about how many kids die along the way, but will the proposed COA do ANYTHING about it other than to help make the other side's propaganda points?
Only the Oath Keepers can answer Question 5 for the Oath Keepers. As for my advice to Three Percenters, based on what I know now, stay as far away from this incipient exercise in cluster coitus as you can.
Mike Vanderboegh


Anonymous said...

The protests should be at the state capitals of the boarder states demanding action by the governors. The "National Guard" should be on constant deployment to work with the Boarder Patrol. They should be armed and have an aggressive rules of engagement. Any governor not deploying the Guard should be impeached and replaced.

WarriorClass III said...

What do we do when the UN comes to "help" with the humanitarian crisis at the border?

j said...

Well said, I pray that those involved will listen to wisdom. Propaganda and public perception are tools that we do not need to hand to the enemy. As Anony said, organized LARGE demonstrations at the Capitols and offices of Senators / Congressmen would be far more productive and not yield bad PR.

Anonymous said...

agreed, protest the governors. people stopping illegals only plays into obeasy's hands.

Anonymous said...

These children on the border are guilty only of poverty, need, and being born of the ignorant and gullible. They are those whom our Lord commands us to help.

The assholes who lured them here elicit a very different action from me.

Anonymous said...

One level, yeah we have to think about how the other side is going to be able to demonize us and I agree that its just not smart to do anything directly on the border. I agree that the states need to work with the border patrol or "force" the border patrol to do their job. Oath keepers and threepers should be waging protest at the border state capitals, proper authorization or not. The states should be activating their guards to do something about this.

On another level though, we are quickly getting to a point where we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. The jews in Nazi Germany tip toed and tried to tow the line and behave all prim and proper so they couldn't be demonized. Now how did that end up for them? On one level, the elites absolutely hate and despise us and treat us like nothing more than diseased rats. So if we are diseased rats, why not behave like them and at least bite some before they exterminate us?

There comes a point where we need to take bold action and threaten them to stop us by murdering us. Patriots could actively build fences with barbed wire with semi automatic rifle guards to protect the workers building the fence with barbed wire. Children could still flood around the fence and we don't stop anyone who slips past while the fence is under construction. The patriot guards would be there to kick off Civil War 2 IF AND ONLY IF the patriot fence builders get murdered while trying to build a border fence, the law be damned. Similar to the bundy ranch, if the border patrol wants to open fire and actively slaughter or imprison concerned americans trying to build a border fence, then the war starts. We know the war is coming, in fact arguably, the war has been going on since we are all actively being poisoned by GMO, chem trails, etc.

So to be clear, patriots show up and start building a fence. Migrants can continue to slip around the fence and we take no action against them. The patriots would all be armed ready to stop the border patrol if they prevent us from building the fence. At no point do we stop any migrants.

Ok, idk, maybe this is a stupid idea, but we need to all be aware that the end game is all of us starving in work camps and being exterminated. People in positions of power have WRITTEN about how they cant wait to have us in camps starving so they can rape our wives. They can't wait to put the "tea bagging tea partiers" in the coffee by tying us up and dumping bowling water on us. The monsters in control are sick and they WANT US DEAD.

Anonymous said...

The waves of illegal migrants has an interesting similarity to the "Crusades".
The Crusades were a power exercise to move excess and landless offspring elsewhere to achieve some purpose.
In this case, it is not a Pope commanding the throngs from the rear, but rather POTUS beckoning from the objective.
I do not think that the professional grievance industry in America understands that they are replacing themselves with something entirely different... the grievance industry will remain,but the players will radically change and for the long, deep game.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong to come out against this Mr. Vanderboegh.

Illegals are a clear and present danger to the last vestiges of the American Republic. They literally hate what this country stands for and want to remake it in their own country's image. The only reason they are allowed in is because they will vote against guns, vote against welfare reform, vote for the police state, and keep wages low.

The politicians aren't going to stop this. The courts are going to stop this. The military isn't going to stop this.

The OK and the threepers have remained on the sideline long enough.

All real Americans have remained on the sideline long enough.

SWIFT said...

The media is full of stories about the children crossing the border. But, are they all children? No! The normal assorted scum are there too. But, let's not do anything. Make no effort to contain them at the border. Let's wait till they've moved in next door and made our neighborhoods as big a shit holes as central America. Militarily smart? No, but what's wrong with retreating once more, from a line in the sand? After all, we've used a thousand justifications/excuses for all previous retreats. I'm sure we will earn a special "attaboy" from the praetorian guard for seeing things their way. WTF???

Kenny said...

I'm sure the Oath Keepers BOD value your input. You may not be a dues paying member, You sir are still a Oath Keeper by fundamentally keeping you Oath as many of us do today.

Anonymous said...

There is only one way elections solve this debacle.
All the diversion "campaign issues" have to blasted aside- supplanted with the real difference between democrat and republican. FORM OF GOVERNMENT.

ITS THE ONLY WAY to expose the fucksticks as all playing for the same team (against the Founders Republic).

When they say "immigration reform" we say "a pathway to citizenship ALREADY exists ". When they say "gay marriage" we say that's a TAXATION issue, not a gay or marriage issue. When they say "gun control" we say "umm shall NOT be infringed". When EITHER party "members" try the propaganda card in response to state capital protests or even direct action like minuteman or this proposal, we say " just doing the job that politicians don't want to do".

The fact is - and it's a fact- we are being INVADED. IF the invasion isn't stopped-repelled- it WILL BE the downfall of the Republic and every right it was crafted to defend.

Mike, I respect your caution and the wisdom you exhibit in questioning things. However, we are not far from the shooting kicking off in a way that will light a fire that will burn this nation down. There DOES come a point where caution has to take a second seat with direct action replacing caution. The chips will indeed fall where they may - but ask yourself this.
Can it actually get WORSE than a literal UNARMED invasion?

Jay Stang said...

This call to Oath Keepers and everyone else was not put out by Oath Keepers, but by unknown elements. We have not called Oath Keepers to swarm the border do anything.