Monday, June 23, 2014

Waco cover-up artist is worried about the "cost of firearm rights."

Auditor: Missouri gun rights proposal could carry ‘significant’ cost
I thought I recognized the name. From this schmuck's Wikipedia citation:
Schweich began his public service career in 1999, when he was named Chief of Staff for former U.S. Senator John Danforth's investigation of the federal government's actions in connection with the 1993 FBI siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas; a siege which resulted in the deaths of over 80 people, including 23 children. The investigation concluded that the Davidians died as a result of a suicide pact, but it also uncovered numerous instances of negligent conduct in the way that the federal government conducted the siege.


Anonymous said...

Rolling back years of accumulated infringements on that which "shall not be infringed" should be expensive and painful for those who imposed them in the first place. It's not like they weren't warned to stop each and every time. Pain is natures way of teaching us which actions are to be avoided in the future. They ignored the warnings and now they get to pay the piper. Frankly I hope it bankrupts each and every one of the sonsabitches.

countenance said...

I am not yet at liberty to tell the whole story, but Tom Schweich (whom I affectionately refer to as Tom Danforth) is the key to the answer of a mysterious question relating to a certain element of Missouri electoral politics in the latter part of 2012.

Anonymous said...

countenance - As a Missouri resident who has serious concerns about Schweich running for and possibly someday becoming Governor of MO, please tell us more. Or at least provide more clues about the mysterious question you mention in your comment.