Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oh, you meant THAT Mike Bloomberg. Well, er, yeah, maybe I did. So what?

Hickenlooper acknowledges speaking with Bloomberg after flap with sheriffs.
Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper acknowledged that he did indeed speak with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg during last year’s protracted political battle over gun control legislation, something he appeared to deny while addressing a group of Colorado sheriffs on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Mike, this is just another example of what Red, White, and Blue Americans are now facing.

The thing to ask yourself is, "What do these examples all have in common?"

I see two things.

First, each action is intended to be another chip to erode our American greatness.

Second, is the source of the action. That is, each has come and continues to come from a POS with the goal to transform America to a tyranny.

Solution/consequence: We can give proper disposal by flushing each of them, OR, if we delay, we will find ourselves drowning in the cesspool.

If that sounds extreme, think on this:

Their actions know no bounds. How can we survive without reacting in like manner?

There's an adage that states: "All's fair in love and war."

Well, I love Lady Liberty, and I stand ready to protect Her, even if it takes war. Why? Because my service oath did not come with an expiration date.

Anonymous said...

You know in all the ducking and weaving Hickenlooper is doing and all his "reaching out" he is attempting to mend broken fences and apologize, etc. but I didn't hear anything about him going back and doing everything in his power to repeal these stupid laws.

Maybe I just missed that part.

Robert Fowler said...

This is what happens when they let the Kommifornia liberals move into places like Denver and Boulder. You end up with their liberal idiot pisswit buddies running for office and winning.

I remember when Colorado was a decent place. Back before Hollyweird decided it was a great place to live.

Hickenlooper needs to be voted out of office and run out of the state. He can go shack up with his buddy Bloomberg.