Monday, June 23, 2014

Dell statement on school’s web blocking suggests low traffic on anti-gun sites

“The conservative sites have more people visiting them than the liberal sites do, so we took the time to give them ratings; whereas the liberal sites are so unpopular, we just couldn't justify the manpower to visit them and rate them!”


Anonymous said...

Folks need to see the forest through the trees here.
The SENATE is representing the GOVERNMENT's point of view. It is a majority of DEMOCRATS who hold that government is all powerful - doling out "rights" as it sees fit. Currently, the EXECUTIVE touts the same democrat agenda. Then, we see the PEOPLE's HOUSE, which is a majority of NON DEMOCRATS, say no no no, the CONSTITUTION bars you from the gun control agenda you seek to impose.

We witness the lies about 90% support gun control agenda, yet elections have proven otherwise where PEOPLE have their direct say absent (or in spite of) government machination.

Here, in this instance, we witness government "schools" clearly working their agenda - and they got caught. It's EASY to catch the school administrations engaged in these antics - if people would just look.

I firmly believe, I know, that the big government progressive loyalist bastards have engaged in pedophile-like behavior trying to impose their will. They have indeed gone after CHILDREN just like pedophiles. The battle must be waged everywhere the enemy hides - and today they are hiding behind school boards and innocent children. They treat kids like their own possessions and idiot parents just let them do so.

Wake up America. Look at your local school!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. I'm sure. Welp, case settled. No wrong doing here, no sir!

Paul X said...

"And Sweeney’s inappropriately snarky dismissal of “conspiracy” notwithstanding, perhaps that’s true as far as Dell is concerned, but it’s hard to believe school IT administrators were unaware of the effect their settings had on access capabilities."

Uh, no it's not. We are talking low-level government functionaries here, not talented geeks. There's no conspiracy. The admins are idiots.