Monday, June 23, 2014

Playing catch-up.

From Kurt Hofmann: St. Louis police chief, others sue to make Missourians' gun rights 'alieanable'
From David Codrea at JPFO: Minority Gun Owners Share No "Stigma of Violence"
From David at the Shooter's Log at CTD: To Prevent Another ‘Abramski,’ Get in the Fight
From Herschel Smith: The Presbyterians on Guns.
Herschel on Evil Judges.
Another from David Codrea: Cleveland Mayor Jackson’s gun diversion shows desperation to appear effective
Another from Herschel: We’re The Only Ones Pimping Enough


FedUp said...

Evil Judge update: Justice has prevailed, and the judge in question claims the media was more interested in sensationalism than in facts.

It still looks bad for the judge, but if we want others to take bad press about gun owners and militia groups with a grain of salt maybe we owe her the same consideration.

Remember the Hutaree fiasco? Those guys were from Judge Noe's area, and thoroughly convicted in the media before it became apparent that the FBI's CI was the only one who might have done anything illegal.

Anonymous said...

To prevent another abramski, turn away from the NRA and it's nefarious backstabbing. With Ezell, it ensured that 1983 suits won't succeed in punishing the controllers with huge money damages. Example after example shows that the NRA is on the side of government control. One can look at McDonald to see it too. The NRA does everything it can to ensure due process dogma remains. Heck, look to its own position of state preemption. What do you folks think is BEING preempted??? Umm the Second Amendment IS!!!

You bet - get into the fight!! But do realize who the enemy is. ALL those who seek to violate- most especially by accepting infringing "deals"- the INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms.

For decades I've witnessed people talk about "fixing" the NRA. Well, there comes a time when you gotta call a spade a spade. You gotta quit cutting bait and go fishing. But guns. Carry guns. Quit the thinking that you can have another defend your right FOR you and instead EXERCISE your right yourself. For exercising a right IS the best defense of it.

Anonymous said...

Presbyterian Church USA is very liberal. The Presbyterian Church of America (or American PC) is more conservative. The opne to watch out for is the latter.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

I meant the one to watch out for is the former, not the latter (PC USA - the liberal PC).

- Old Greybeard