Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two responses to my last Kerodin post. One man's principle is another man's "bile." And another Rodney King plea.

Upset at my notice of Kerodin's latest money-making scheme of the so-called "III Percent Society," (and parroted here by Pete), a reader writes:
Mike, I've had it with your petty harping. You can't be respected as a voice of reason, if your default kneejerk position is to spew venom at this one guy (who hurt you how, by usurping your III concept?), along with everyone else thereby associated. Slick Willie may call you the leader of the 3%, but I shan't. I can't, because you can't be trusted to control your own bile. You'd win many victories in the hearts of willing patriots if you'd just let the volume of hatred that exists, there in your archives, attest to your vitriol for this one guy. You pretend that you're doing a service to the community by exposing a charlatan, while all you're really doing is salting a wound, and driving deeper wedges into the fractures of our resolve. If Pete, Alan, Jim, JC, et al (to include Kerodin) are on one side, and you another, then I'm out of the Sipsey Street camp. And, there won't be any more checks from my account to you. Best of luck otherwise, though.
I would refer the reader (uh, ex-reader) to my post below regarding the Three Percent catechism. My objection to Kerodin has always been based upon three things. His unrepentant criminal record. His usurpation of the III Percent so-called "trademark" to extort money from honest folks trying to make a living. And last, but certainly not least, his advocacy of positions in violation of the "No Fort Sumters" and "No OKC Bombings" tenets of the Three Percent.
In addition, reader Thomas Kassick writes:
for the sake of solidarity, I would suggest a face to face with Kerodin. You should be working together instead of sticks and stones. We all have done things we regret. I say try it what have you to lose? I believe we should all pulling on the rope in the same direction. Personal feelings aside do what is right and work together. What have you got to lose? We are suppose to forgive says the lord. Please,we have so much to gain working together.
Thomas has enunciated again a frequent Rodney King plea that I've heard over the years, "Can't we all just get along?" For the three reasons enunciated above, Thomas, the answer to that is unfortunately "no." As for "pulling on the rope in the same direction," Kerodin has already indicated that the only rope he's interested in is the one that he hangs me with. Remember these he was selling not so long ago, along pointed comments about yours truly?
I spent the 90s learning some very valuable, if expensive, lessons about principle and so-called "allies." What I "have to lose," Thomas, is credibility and principle. I have higher standards for both than are evinced by Mr. K. and his death-threat uttering friends and if that costs me former friends like Pete or readers like Mr. Anonymous above, then the cost is still less than it would be if I made alliances with unrepentant con men who advocate positions in contradiction to my own beliefs.
Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise.


Anonymous said...

These people who believe in an equivalency between M & K are deluded fools. Here's a real simple test. K has shown no hesitation to sue on numerous occasions. M routinely calls him a con man. What other reason is there for no libel suit other than K knows it would make his current shit subject to exposure? As for the guy who says no more $ for M, first of all prove it, because that sounds like a continuation of the con, but you go ahead & become a III% Life Member or whatever the fuck K's marketing that hustle as. THERE'S dough well spent. What is it you get back? Sucker. Everybody heard K telling Glenn Beck he'd follow disarmament laws if they were passed? Not hard to find & prove for yourself. Last, it's not M allies wishing people dead by cancer. It's not M challenging people to duels, & what a joke that is. The patriot movement division isn't coming from M. It's sickening watching the ignorant ones bitch at him for warning the lemmings they're heading for a cliff. If you knew first thing about him, you'd realize he's just trying to pull you back from the edge.

Anonymous said...

What's the real difference between the "subscription" buttons on this page and the one's on Kerodin's?

Ramsey A. Bear said...

Mike is not promising something he can't deliver.

Descendant of Cave Painters said...

I will stand with MV and make out a check to him. As for K, you can change behavior, but you can't change character.

Anyone who wants another man to sacrifice his principles is a devil and should be turned out.

Jim Klein said...

[Mike, I think I left a comment for this in the catechism thread by accident. Sorry...not like you're not busy enough, eh?

Anyway, if you can straighten that out, that'd be great. I do think it's both important and good. Hang in there, kid. You didn't ride all this way to miss the Show!]

Anonymous said...

There first post here pretty much nails it, but I might add this: this idea that two diametrically opposed people could get along exposes just how little the "can't we all get along" crowd understands. By this mere utterance, they betray the fact that they lack discernment and are bereft of any actual understanding of who each man is and what they stand for. They are the same fools who think all Republicans are our friends because they claim the same banner. Kerodin has associated himself with III% because he thinks it gives him credibility and it allows him to claim some level of "bad ass" that he hasn't otherwise had to prove. It is akin to the weekend warrior riding around on his shiny new Harley thinking it makes him a Hell's Angel. He even has the "81" patch because "he saw it somewhere" but has no idea what it means. God help this poor fool when called to prove he is what he says or thinks he is. Same goes for Kerodin and these rabid foaming-at-the-mouth Neanderthals that blindly follow him. One must wonder if they really know who he is, if they really understand what III% means and if they really have the balls to make it real. Based on the fact that they think there is the slightest chance that Vanderbough and Kerodin could work together or should work together tells me they haven't a clue. They are looking through a pinhole but think they can see everything. In reality, they are blind.

Steady Steve said...

Mr.K claims he will have no say or control of funds regarding the 3% Society. That's fine as long as the books are public and audited by FINRA. Mike sure isn't in this for the money. I don't see eye to eye with everything written here, but that's OK. After reading stuff by Mr.K I'm suspicous of him being part of the "controlled opposition".

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:12, if you don't know the difference, than why bother to read this blog.
Another Kerodin troll, oh well.
Good luck here in Kolorado, Mike.
Semper Fi
Devildog in Kolorful Kolorado

Anonymous said...

The only thing a man owns that he can truly call his own are his values.

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Descendant: "you can change behavior, but you can't change character."

Saul of Tarsus respectfully disagrees. You can change character; it's just a lot harder, and it's going to require more proof before people believe you've done it.

Anonymous said...

I was neutral in this, not that it matters. I don't know all the facts and don't want to get involved in a personality dispute.

But if Kerodin really said he'd follow disarmament laws if passed, then that would permanently end my neutrality.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patriots,
Great line from a movie I saw recently "How do we know the good guys from the bad guys"

Answer, "The bad guys are the ones shooting at us".

Until that starts you're all feds as far as I'm concerned, every fcking one of you. And I love you all equally.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
I remember coming across your blog some years ago now and your first mentioning about "The III%." A while later you offered the "First" III% patches in O.D. green with the inscription,"Audentes Fortuna Juvat" that translates to "Fortune favors the Bold." I bought several when they were "First" offered, gave one to my step son and sewed one on my denim jacket. I still have the envelope that they were mailed in to me with the accompanying "post mark!!" I have mentioned this before in other posts. Seems like "the 'K' character" started doing all his ranting and raving some time "AFTER" you first mentioned the III% and subsequently offered the patches. With that info it's easy enough for anyone to figure which came "First!"

God, Guns and Guts Keep America Free,

Unknown said...

anonymous,you do not know me,and if you did you would know I am no fool.In the history of our country we have allied with enemies for the cause of freedom.Were Roosevelt and Churchill fools? Hey Anonymous go fuck yourself.No balls to even sign your name

Anonymous said...

Hey there Kassick - guess I struck a nerve? Are you one of those poseurs riding around on your checkbook-chopper thinking you're in a "biker gang"? Or just some Establishment RINO who just hates people who ACTUALLY understand liberty? Thanks for PROVING what I said. As far as "signing my name" - what difference does it make? You gonna' "look me up"? Post your name, address and tel# and then talk to me about anonymity. And if you're actually stupid enough to do that, then you prove me correct even further. Have a nice day, darling.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said But if Kerodin really said he'd follow disarmament laws if passed, then that would permanently end my neutrality.

Type words Glenn Beck Kerodin in Googlesearch. Go to first link. Go to first video. About a minute before it ends.

Anonymous said...

How do you know someone on a internet forum is a Fed plant? They ask for your name.

Kerodin and associates are always trying to put a name to a post when it comes to posts that run contrary to their talking points. Kind of tells you a lot more than a little as to where they stand.

Anonymous said...

No problem Mike, I picked up his slack. You will be getting a second donation from me this month.

Edwin III

Gaston said...

IMHO, Kerodin exhibits many of the same characteristics that a Government informer does:
- Convicted felon. Many are "turned" by the Government either during sentencing for a reduced prison sentence or during incarceration.
- Lack of transparency. Not much is know of this individual.
- Lack of honorable character.

In judging his behavior, he is:
- Outing Patriotic Americans
- Inciting non-Constitutional actions, perhaps to the point of Sedition.
- Creating negative publicity.

Everyone wants to be a leader and no one wants to actually be a "doer". There are plenty of good people, such that I do not need to associate with one with stench of Kerodin.

I understand he may resort to name calling or challenge me to a duel. Bring your popcorn, twelve noon on the steps of the Federal Capitol on any non-work day. It should be less than a 30 minute drive from his wife's residence in Gaithersburg, MD.

Gaston said...

To further follow up:

Is Kerodin perhaps a "tool" being used to control people on social media like a drone?